Monday 15 September 2014

fundraising,help is needed!

have got something to announce and am looking for help from bloggers to dig deep into their e-pockets and support a good cause.

recently in the UK,a evil little pyschopathic waster set fire to the UKs biggest dogs home outside of londons battersea and the result was the death of over sixty dogs,mass destroying of many buildings, mass tranquilization of survivors due to the acute stress it caused and mass smoke inhalation injuries.

 was really affected by this,went out and bought dog food for one of the collections our local ASDA was doing for the home and also donated some money through pets at home.

have decided to a sponsored swim for the dogs as well and last night had started a just giving page;
if anyone coud donate-however small or share the page somewhere woud be truly greatful.
am going to do the swim when have collected enough sponsors.


Em said...

Wow, what kind of nasty low life would do that? The death of over 60 dogs! Makes me cry because all I can think of is all them dogs dying due to the flames. Awful, awful, awful.

I'll try and donate but I'm a student and hardly have any money at the moment as I spent it all on stuff for college.. and toys... I'll be getting £60 next week so I'll donate some money then for sure.

Em said...

thanks shannon!! it was a fifteen!!! year old kid, the media are blaming it on the fact he was severely bitten by a neighbours dog this year-but the dog who bit him had met a grizzly end as the neighbour stabbed him with a kitchen knife! humans can be god damn evil but the outpouring of care and support for these dogs shows it can also be good sometimes to, hard to believe with how it treats the most vulnerable though [ie- animals, disabled, elderly].

Em said...

Wow, the reason he brutally murdered over 60 dogs was because he was bitten by one? Okay, I was severely bullied for the first 15 years of my life does this mean I can kill people? Hell no.

It is nice to see people helping helpless animals.

And I agree with that last bit, they treat the most vulnerable like crap. The elderly get left and forgotten, most people consider stray animals pests and the disabled are considered 'burdens'.

They forget about us disabled when we are over 18. We receive hardly any money to cover the costs of our care and the things we need... It makes me sad.