Friday, 6 December 2013


it feels like years since have written a post on here but its only been months.

unfortunately back in september was having a crisis due to having had a past filled with abuse and a tough year with hospitalised crohns disease crisis and the beloved chickens of mine being kidnapped plus the mental health destroying online bullying had suffered from an infamous now thankfuly banned member of wrong planet amongst many other disability related sites he forged lives on.
-it all ended with several rooms being trashed,a head smashing through a double glazed window and ten police officers struggling to restrain.
was in both handcuffs and full length leg restraints.
-ended up sectioned first in a awful high security mental health ward where despite having full time one to one support had become targeted and bullied by a woman with borderline personality disorder [though another woman who will never forget was like a mother and was protected by her in there].

then was moved to a far away LD assessment and treatment hospital when a place became available.
with all respect to the staff that understand [many of them dont and have had incidents with many of them as a result of their treatment],it has been absolute hell in a lot of ways,am on level three observation which means being watched by a nurse full time including whilst on the toilet,have also hated the total lack of understanding of sound sensitivity in there whilst they have nothing but sympathy for patients that are hard of hearing,this got to the point where an advocate had to get involved and also the LD team am under to educate them on acute sensitive hearing and hyperacusis.

have gained some friends whilst living there and am keeping in contact with them and with one friend we are going to be meeting up when we manage to find a suitable riding school and am out of the prison hospital.

unfortunately due to the residential home saying they cant cope anymore [BS because theres people with more challenging behavior living there] and was made homeless,they turned their backs when was in need of them.
a placement came up in a brand new build,its a big centre all on one level but only for four women who have autism with both LD and mental health needs.
its secure supported living and four flats in each corner,each one with a private garden and the rest of the building is communal.
it has a sensory garden and will have a sensory room eventualy.

its also in an area am very familiar with having gone there to horse ride as a child.

am now on a section three [which means theyre allowed to detain for up to six months] and next tuesday am due to move into the new place though there wont be any internet until that gets sorted.
unfortunately we had a new resident come in last week who brings up her disability as an excuse every time she attacks a patient or staff and she shouts from morning till night and is both verbaly and physicaly abusive-its been making life hell on the unit for everyone,so had begged the LD team and the new organisation am going into to sort out a overnight placement on monday because that was the day was due to move to the new place-and within a moment they had sorted out a placement in another unit of theirs which has twenty four internet access,a gym,a pool table and all sorts of other stuff-am chuffed to bits!

at this new place am also allowed to have cats so finaly have got wish after all these years to live in a place that allows pets indoors.