Tuesday, 26 March 2013

addicted to a ipad sensory app

borrowed a fellow residents ipad the other night,he has the most basic one as its only used for proloquo2go.
staff put on some sensory and AAC apps-all free!!!  and these are..... well theyre just amazing.

was sat playing with one from afternoon/eve till night time,it is serious sensory seeking stuff and woud recommend it to anyone,still cant work out what its called because a google search for the name on the ipad seems to come up with a load of other shit.

anyway,thanks to the power of this laptop webcam and guvcview,had filmed the app in use;as close up as possible,it looks far,far awesome on screen than in this video and woud recommend everyone autistic or not give it a go because several support staff were addicted to it this evening and theyre as non autistic as people can get.
*click here to display video*

now,am in need of a bit of help.
does anyone reading this know a bit about these touch screen tablets?
have been desperate for one since proloquo first went into development but am even more so desperate for one now,and have been shown that android has its fair share of AAC and sensory apps to,so am thinking of getting an android cheapy tablet.

one staff however,has been really negative of these android ones; he says unless are able to get the likes of samsungs nexus then its possible will end up getting one with a shit screen.
am not sure what to think...being a newbie to this technology,he is an apple fanboy and has more money than sense [hell,he is a glory hunter and changes his football team when theyre in the dirt quicker than his underpants which says a lot], so fellow autist and non autists.... please help, are the cheaper android tablets perfectly useable?

am liking the nabi-
its designed for youngsters and has a thick rubber casing and can take a real battering off toddlers so that comes in handy, but we found a even cheaper one-
this is a unknown brand one,the specs kickass and the reviews are very positive,coud get one of these and a good protective case maybe.

what does everyone think?

n/b. havent got the money yet,but this is being planned..other people just dont know that yet.

Monday, 25 March 2013

autism talent

though havent been able to listen to music for years, have come across a new singer/music artiste/artiste/artist? whatever they call em who seems very worthy of rating on TRA.

he is kyle coleman-
a UK based classic autistic; born non verbal but developed full speech as common with most so called HFAs [so called, because am not a fan of how we are lumped into one or the other when human functioning does not work like that],one of the therapies he was given was music therapy,it allowed him to get where he is today with music,he is also supported by the national autistic society though am not sure if that means he is a service user of theirs or not.

please feel free to reply with a story of own experiences,or the websites of any autistic people;eg- if theyre artists,work with animals or do any other form of skill.
am interested in profiling what we can do here,regardless of where we lie on the spectrum or what functioning we get stuck on us based on the same old stereotyping.

abuse against autistic people in care

where is the trades description actt when theyre needed? there is a care agency in america but guess what....there is no care involved,now where have we heard that before? definitely on this blog many times.
itd be more suitable to call it a abuse-and-take-advantage-of-vulnerable-adults agency but that woud be a bit of a mouthful considering they are using those to abuse the shit out of their paying clients.

want to see what am on about?  have a read here-

the man in question is cameron,he is an autistic man with a very limited mental and verbal capacity,he has full time support needs but is able to live in the community/his own home.
this is where jay nolan community services comes in,they are paid to support cameron have the best quality of life possible.
unfortunately that isnt what they did,they disgustingly took advantage of this mans inability to express/communicate and did everything from booting him hard over and over,beating him,spitting at him,stripping him naked and threatening him with an air gun etc,cameron lived in fear for his life every day and was not able to express it.

the parents had began to notice signs of abuse,cameron was showing fear of the staff,so the parents rigged his place with hidden cameras which finaly caught these pyschopathic pricks targeting someone who coudnt fight back on their level,absolute fucking cowards!!

the parents saw the tapes,and reported it,then the agency attempted to break into camerons house to get the tapes and destroy them.
this company needs to be brought down,and every single coward involved in the direct or indirect abuse of their clients be brought to justice.
how dare these wasters be labeled under our species,throw them out with the rest of the rubbish.

hopefuly cameron has not developed a fear/mistrust of staff as a result of this abuse, like mine; which had been caused by severe neglect, physical abuse, mental abuse,sensory abuse and sexual abuse whilst in the last residential service.
unfortunately they tried to blame the autism;saying am to low functioning to understand the reality,though they denied the autism for long enough when it suited them- because was able to turn on a computer.

honestly hope cameron gets a lot of money out of this, and it goes towards helping him build a better life for himself away from these sons of bitches.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

a sanctuary facebook page is now open

have made a facebook organisation page for the horse and pony sanctuary- please if have got any time can anyone spare a bit of their facebooking time to 'like' the page,as am trying to get the sanctuary as much attention as possible-


the description is basic generic stuff at the moment because need to ask david what he wants on it,the cover image is going to change to.

Saturday, 16 March 2013

hasty lane horse and pony sanctuary

meet some new friends of mine,they are residents of cheshires newest support for animals in need; hasty lane horse and pony sanctuary.

there are also two sheep but they have sneaked under the fence and joined the herd of sheep in the farmers field next door,so the buggers are going to have to be dragged back again.
the owner built all of the stables himself and even though he has a job as well he has totaly dedicated his life and money to looking after them.

a website for the sanctuary is being made at the moment,had offered to build one but its already in the making,hopefuly itll have a paypal option set up so people can donate.

am making some name plates for the stables with dad this weekend as there are none on the stables and its impossible to know who is who unless have got a working memory,not that the ponies care as they love wandering in to each others house to steal food.

dad wants to go help out with the DIY/building side as well.

if anyone wants to help in any way possible,post a comment and will get the owner to contact.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

first time volunteering

something that had never thought woud happen has finaly happened.

have wanted to offer some hard work mucking out and grooming for years in a equestrian centre of some sort but all of them were unable to accomodate the disabilities of mine and all but one of them [millers nook RDA,where used to go riding] didnt make em feel any better about self; saying am to much of a risk to their insurance.

staff had been trying to get em basic paid work of some kind to add a bit of money to the benefits also,but they had gone around every single learning disability organisation including mencap and all the smaller ones they were able to offer ,as well as the job centre plus disability advisor and remploy to try and get help with finding a sheltered workshop placement or work from home [putting letters in envelope type job] and not one of them has been able to help,in fact almost all over them never got back to staff.

it really isnt fair that the government is putting so much money into mainstream working when not all of us can access it,plus closing all the sheltered work schemes in the name of inclusion.
its all well and good shouting about inclusion but what about those of us who cannot access it? why shoud those of us in residential care especialy be left to live a life of no money?
david cameron and his government fucking suck.

there is a pyschology student lady am helping to learn about autism every week and she brought in something out of her newspaper about a new horse and pony sanctuary that has just opened,it has five horses and ponies and two sheep.
theyre looking for volunteers to help with things on the yard.....

^webcam shot of the paper story,its a close up of their shetland as am wanting to take him home.

staff phoned them up yesterday and am able to go visit the place tomorow.
first time anyone has ever not refused help how awesome is that?
hope it is acessible,it will be awesome having something to do and be  needed/wanted.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

the abuse and misuse of literalism

we/autistic people are literaly minded,the level of literalness varies from autistic to autistic.
understanding language in general is a big difficulty of mine and people always adapt how they speak with self but am still confused as to what they mean....and then the words that em take literaly get brought into it as well;  will constantly misunderstand these words and will react to them in different ways depending on the misunderstanding,sometimes will head bang or cut other times might think am being told off by staff for no reason and end up in a mess.
the world from ems view is always impossible to understand,am awful at understanding words on forums and feel a lot more independant in that way since discovering the amazing kitadic firefox addon thing.

as if it isnt difficult enough without some twatface thinking theyre awesome; many a person has mocked every time have misunderstood something due to literal meaning.....well isnt hypocrisy then that they do not go and mock any physicaly disabled or blind person for falling over?
hey...look at that guy with one sided CP,his most spasticy muscles made him jerk out of balance and fall over,isnt that so fuckin hilarious? 
ehhh no.
now, on forums,they are full of people who mock others for reading things wrongly,it is treated like a crime almost by those agoraphobic little knackers that no one gives a crap about/grammar nazis.
so.....why is it when people are aware what words mean but they write the literal way the person is treated as a funny guy,is very popular for it?

isnt it weird how people can who know what theyre doing can get more respect than those of us who dont?

and one other point about literalism on forums,will people please stop fucking saying they 'literaly pissed themselves/beat someone over the head with a stick,murder their brother/sister  etc' no..just no.
am fed up of people saying shit like this because they then go on to explain that what they did had absolutely nothing to do with pissing themselves /beating someone over the head with a stick/murdering a unlawful neighbour etc,it is a big let down to find out someone else doesnt piss themselves as much as the self, and its also a let down that am not going to be able to grass up some pyschopath.
stop it,please.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

'retard' also gets the boot from the drug manufacturers

a medication of mine that have been on for many,many years has aparently, finaly got with the programe and realised how ancient the name is.

tegretol retard, aka slow release.
am almost certain on the blister packs from boots it still says tegretol retard though.

now if only society woud listen to our side of how this word is so deeply embeded with hatred, discrimination,prejudice,beliefs of burdenism,and dehumanization for us,as well as being one of many labels that has deeply affected the lives of those of us who have intelectual disability.
those of us in the UK are pretty lucky in that we are diagnosed with learning disability,and have had a smaller   list of slurs used on us by teachers,people in america is one example where intelectualy disabled people are not so lucky-'mental retardation' and 'retarded' led to a far worser belief of burdenism,it led to hitlers labeling of us as being 'useless eaters', emptying the many residential homes of intelectualy disabled people to gas them.
many well known old jailed pyschopaths said they deliberately picked 'the mentaly retarded' from american residential homes because they were not cared about or followed up on.

this is why we need awareness of retard/mentaly retarded/whatever way want to use it,it has fuck all to do with stopping peoples speech but is all to do with being aware of how damaging language can be,having at least the bare minimum of respect for each other and giving us the same equal worth as gay people and people of a different skin colour- most people who complain about people using nasty words towards these groups are the same people who fling around retarded to describe something stupid someone they know did,
that is associating the offensive stereotypes of our disability and attaching it to some action that we woud never do.

when was an unfortunate resident of an manchester LD institution,was the first person to go into the permenent stay wing who was on this version of tegretol and the first thing all the bastards said upon seeing the rack of medication blisters was 'ohhhh....tegretol retard....they coudnt have named it any better for her',all of them hypocrites of course because they denied all disabilities of mine due to the fact was able to turn a computer on.

that place was ran by a bunch of sadistic motherfucking frankie boyles,who didnt give a shit about respect or care.
they all stuck up  for each other when complaints were made.
they better hope they dont end up severely disabled and also unable to communicate, god help them when they end up in an old folks home being treated like worthless vegetables.

Thursday, 7 March 2013

had a article published on international special olympics site

had a article sort of thing published on the special olympics;international site,woud have put a lot more in but unfortunately it isnt long before the character limit comes up and stuff needs to be edited out.
they have changed the way that talk and also have made it into a big wall of text,then again had got the same treatment when writing residential home reviews on carehomes.co.uk., woudnt be surprised if they edited chunks out of it to like carehomes.co.uk to,are these guys for accomodating learning disabled people or what? can understand if they offered an alternative translation but not changing someones way of communicating.

for some reason the site doesnt work on firefoxes beta browser; aurora, so if it isnt showing up,here is a screenshot have taken of it using a well outdated version of the linux browser chromium [click on link for full size jpg screenshot]-

this is a link directly to the post of mine-
if the browser wont show it,it shoud do with chrome or chromium.

although the special olympics is only adapted for of us on the intelectual disability spectrum,anyone who relates to the issues we face or those who work with ld in some way are common writers to the site.

wish we were allowed to comment on othe peopls stories,woud like to comment on the user who refers to us as mentaly challenged, its as sick inducing as calling us retarded which is what that campaign is about.