Monday, 30 May 2011


have been messing with the command line all day as it seems to respond here unlike at home,so dont know where its a port issue or something.

have now finaly installed firefox-though didnt realise was getting the most uptodate version with the new theme,cant stand it-everythings changed around,urgh-had been getting used to it on dads slolwly already but its very different,what the hell were they thinking?

have also installed a few other programs.
have installed a ton of games [all free as well as open source,not pirated ones,not into that];

xmoto [like a modern version of kikstart].
bouncy the hungry rabbit [a platform game].
-super tux kart [its tux in a go kart].
-super tux [a copy of super mario except tux is used instead].
dope wars [a drug dealer simulator].
xbill [taking the piss out of bill gates and windows].
kturtle [its the modern version of pendown,if anyone remembers it from the bbc or acorn computer,its a programming game].

installed software as well,so far have added today:
clam AV
cheese [its actualy a good webcam program].

had installed several programs which are for eye tracking as well,they are designed for people who have limited mobility or other problems-had wanted to check them out to see if they woud be suitable for others am living with who struggle with using a computer the normal way,but the bloody things woudnt work with eye tracking.

and lastly,am installing thc hydra from source code,have had a lot of trouble with dependencies ,missing commands and network problems in the week at home so that has been holding it back.

aircrack is installed at least.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

managed to make linux do a BSoD [black screen of death]

had recently installed the latest kubuntu netbook edition on the laptop as a dual boot with win doze seven.
have been using linux since the millenium and had never crashed the actual distros [beyond trashing the hard drive with one at the start of course and pissing about with blender three d which crashed SuSE back then].
have been slowly getting around a few issues with it,it wasnt compiling source code or finding any programs; in fact it wasnt even recognising all the needed commands like apt-get and make.
hadnt realised these werent installed by default like they have been in previous distros have used ,so installed them last night along with a load of other updates.
still having a number of installing issues though,hoping to try it here at dads today might work as our internet has been fucked all week.

anyway,back to the actual crash,last night during updating these files;it suddenly went to a black screen and mouse icon woudnt move,got some photos of it with the camcorder:

-the code kind of makes it sound like it might be something to do with sleep/hibernation mode as can remember this being buggy the last time had used linux but just making a guess got no idea.

the only internet browser have got installed at the moment [due to the issues] is rekonq and that has been behaving a bit buggy to,crashed quite a few times.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

some new autism/AAC projects are set to go

have been thinking about joel smiths amazing application JTalk for a while now,and wondering if he woud ever have the time to update it,as the next version has been in development for as long as duke nukem forever [sort of....not really].

had been a huge fan and daily user of JTalk-nothing commercial,bar the unaffordable AAC handhelds were comparable-joel had made a huge breakthrough in open source AAC.
but it was programmed using an old version of .NET and it requires a very old framework to run,its hard to get hold of and quite fiddly to get around-with each new laptop and new windows have had its gotten harder and harder to fiddle with,woud love to have an update on it.

am going to start off a project on making a similar AAC set up to JTalk,these are the functions/options am hoping for:
  • text to speech-type in anything for it to be spoken out
  • have set boxes-like with JTalk,for users or their family/support staff to pre set with their own comments/words to use,so that the user only has to click on the box to trigger speech.
  • have pictures next to words or a picture only option,for those who struggle with written language or have no understanding of it at all.
  • have a time line option,for users to show what they want to do on their timeline,or so they can see what they will be doing,using PECS type pictures.

-am going to be writing it in .NET and like JTalk which was also coded in [earlier] .NET it will have framework dependencies,so only modern windows systems will be able to run it.
am especialy hoping to help all other autistic people of any age communicate better,to stop people speaking for us like they so often do when we are non verbal,its just an idea at this stage but am going to ask staff about the possibility of getting people am living with involved with trying it out to so that people of all functional skills get involved,it woud be nice to, to get others involved.
woud get non autistics involved to,to make sure its fully understandable.

the next project have got lined up is [and dont laugh at this because it isnt actualy as dodgy as it sounds] a autistic translator.
the idea,had come to self because am constantly feeling like a foreigner never understanding what people are saying,a lot of it is to do with language difficulties in own case but woud like
to make a translator for all literal stuff and any other terms we struggle with due to our autism.
will see if any support staff woud be up for the challenge of coming up with all the definitions,and unsure at the moment,but might make it so that there is both a speech and text version of the term for translation.

now,have got another project plan to,hoping to make a PECS program similar to boardmaker,
because its an absolut fucking con at making people who dont belong to big businesses pay for their fricking security locked down software.
we have it here,and have got it on old laptop,but trouble is it requires the disc to run as part of the security shit,and have not even got a dvd drive on this laptop [thin as a netbook].
we havent got anything in the open source community that even slightly compares so woud like to program something for all autistics,families,carers,support staff,teachers, speech therapists etc who cannot afford board maker,hopefuly will be able to fuck em and use something free.

kitteh matters

goldie,as in this little itteh bitteh kitteh here:
has recently started taking up riding lessons,she is a natural of course though she is always in the same position and never moves off the bed.

-had started taking down a synthetic fleece bareback pad every weekend when at mums to use as a seat as it doesnt get used for riding anyway-use a much better one for that at the riding school [a dutch imported christian lammfelle bareback pad-real sheep skin/fleece].

goldie seems to attach herself to anything that have been bringing down of late-like a tote bag or whatever they call them which says we love cats on,thats hers now-had to leave it there because she made it feel like a crime to move her plus she woud have shredded arms off,then she tried to claim the entire rucksack am bringing down every weekend with stuff in-its a big hiking rucksack;she clamps herself to it even if its tilted to say its hers.
fucking hell she thinks she owns everything.

anyway ,here are the action shots of goldiepants and the saddle in action,she is lying on mums/dads new bed which is in the computer room due to dad being a lazy arse and never having finished the DIY on their bedroom:

and on a different kitteh topic,dad phoned staff tonight,have found out that one of sisters kittehs,her now fully grown kitten to sandy had had an emergency operation today to get stones of some sort cut out and they are now being sent for biopsy,not sure what but will probably find out on saturday,poor girl has got one of those lampshade collars on tonight and cannot run under sisters/bro in laws bed and hide from humans when any come in now because she headbutts it with her collar on.

this is ruby,or rubelcubes as she is also known:

Saturday, 21 May 2011

more fox troubles

we have had yet more fox trouble again,this time at the farm.
this week,foxes had managed to dig under well proofed chicken areas and destroyed all the poor chickens,cockrels and ducks-we only have one chicken left from what was told.
we had quite rare breeds of chuck as well like white silkies and weird spotted breeds,so it was horrible to find this out,it also means henny cannot have any cage mates brought down to her anymore because there arent the chickens to do it with!

however,because of what has happened,we are now going to grow some chucks from egg,we have an incubator,and eggs are being bought from a farmers market,luckily have been asked to do it which is awesome as itll be like having a pet and if we get any chavs pissing about out the front we have always got something to throw at them [joking of course].
have got to get some video of them so the kids and anyone else intrested can check out what its like to go from egg to fluffy chick.

cant wait,and hope we can have some for poor henny because she loves being around others and woud get on a lot better with some youngsters to teach and command.

just found the photo one of our silkies on dads pc:
^theyre awesome chickens,woud call them poodle birds as they look like poodles,the cockrels are fucking noisy though.

Friday, 13 May 2011

awesome day out

had wrote this the other day but for some reason have come on to find it deleted.

had an awesome day this week with everyone.
on tuesday we went to the royal estate chatsworth park in cheshire and had a walk up to the woodlands.
leg was being spazzy and causing a lot of pain through that as usual so had come back down to flat ground with staff whilst everyone else carried on up the hill with the other staffs.

luck woud have it,had found out the international horse trials were being held there that weekend,and they were laying the eventing [cross country] course when we arrived,so had took a lot of video of the course,uploaded one of them to youtube:
the international horse trials attracts major riders like pippa funnell and royal riders like zara phillips,its a huge event,they were sold out of tickets ages ago.

we also came across some very unusual looking chickens-colourful with fluffy trousers on,took loads of photos and video of course:
had to be one of a chickens arse:

then there were the buildings,took some photos of those.
had taken a photo of this one because it reminded of the computer game; assassins creed where they had a buildings like that to leap off.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

a niece visit this evening

had a visit from the little one this afternoon[?]/evening,she came with her ma and pa of course she is to young to drive yet.

orla has grown a lot,and also lost a lot of hair,sister said it was due to hormones as she was only full of hair when born due to sisters hormones being passed onto her,but now they are running down orla is going to be making them for herself.

sister took some photos of self holding orla and orlas pa and grandpa had got some ones of her posing on the grandpas SLR,but he gets territorial over the camera and refused to let anyone else put the photos on-he takes weeks to do it himself,got some amazing poses of her on it.

no matter,here are some of us today from the camcorder,obviously shitty quality as per usual: she looks like she is screaming here but she is just yawning, otherwise woudnt be sat there looking at peace with her,that big mouth will do her well at an eating competition and future dentist visits for cavities from finding all the chocolate sis has.

looking like she has her thumb up,one of the many hand signs she does,her favourite is actually flipping the backwards middle finger up at people; or the backwards V sign as well as some gang sign,god knows where she got it all from,must be heriditary.

looks like she is waving at the ceiling here,she was knackered and calming down after feeding time which always pisses her off when the bottle gets taken away.

this is orlas gang sign,if anyone wants to join her gang they got to be in wid da kewl kids,nuff said.

here is an innocent looking one to end on,she was going to start a hissy fit because she wanted the bottle,so began rocking her in the style that comforts self but at a much milder pace,calmed her down immediately,definitely going to buy her some sensory stuff from ROMPA when she is older.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

a new build of tom cat picture viewer released

have been working on the original version,to make it better and get rid of this pissing boredom.

some new changes/features are/is-

#a splash screen,which will nicely welcome users to the program upon opening,except the splash screen is wrong at the moment,it keeps applying the generic name and copyright text when am trying to code it differently.
fuck it will sort it out tomorrow.

#the GUI now features a pale blue colour,the buttons a different shade of pale blue,will add new buttons at some point these are just generic.
and the icon is the same cat in the splash screen.

so here is the tom cat PV: version B build,if anyone wants to have a try-itd be awesome if people actually do-huge thanks to those who have downloaded the previous build by the way!!
download from:
-note it is a pre published build,so it cant install,and it still has the .NET framework four dependencies,so if get any runtime errors just update the framework:
it allows backwards compatibility with anything made in older frameworks by the way.

heres the multi anti virus scan for the paranoids:

new banner

have been planning this one for a while and shoud also be adding comments back this weekend all going well.
its not great quality,fucked it up due to resolution but coudnt be bothered messing to find the right size,spent ages on that background in GIMP.

Friday, 6 May 2011

current wislist for tortie web browser

just a quick post to write down the current wishlist for tortie,it will all be added to the able to do it,not sure how complex the code is at the moment.

  • cookies/history to allow users previously used websites to show up and to save passwords.
  • tabbed browsing,to make browsing easier.
  • a section of helpful and useful websites for cat owners internationally,as well as some humour cat sites to.some sites will be health related, information on how to get free or reduced cost vet treatment for example,catster will be the default site it goes to but it will be changeable.
  • a status bar thingy at the bottom of the browser,which says the current webpage that is loading-or if indeed it isnt-all the browsers have this.
  • a custom application icon.

and will look into the possibility of a making embedded/included chat client,or IRC client.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

tortie web browser- pre alpha stage

yep,got another program on the way,though will probably spend a lot longer on it in pre alpha stages than had done with tom cat PV.

the tortie web browser is,again-cat themed,with a cat icon [which may change at this point to a different icon] and will be especially aimed at cat enthusiasts with lots of kitteh sites built in for ease of use,and perhaps more kitteh functions depending on whether can think of any.
a bit like mark webbers HF browser probably,not got that far ahead yet.

hoping to have some sort of adblocker built in,but might not be possible given all the disability issues have got with programming,will keep looking for ways around it if so,as adblocker shoud be standard now days.

tortie WB has not been compiled yet,its running only in VBs debug mode,but have got a few screenshots of it starting to take shape,so hope anyone who sees it doesnt find their eyes to offended by it.

-here is the browser after testing a website in it for the first time,but before had added a address bar/buttons,plus size isnt right either.

here is the browser on full expanded size,bottom part of it was looking to wide so have adjusted it,still showing with no internet surfing functions.

finally,here it is with a highlighted address bar and a go button,plus have customised the sizes a bit more including the bar at the bottom so it isnt so thick.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

anti virus vs anti virus

^this is a quite recent screenshot that had taken of an AVG virus warning,norton and its anti virus eh,like a drunken relative; cant take it anywhere.

*screenshot is not faked,no graphics programs were involved in their trickery,though may have compiled a un FUD keylogger server with that name,finger slipped.
norton AV/IS is just FUD malware anyway so it might as well be on the scan.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

first program ever coded [edited]

thought woud never be able to do it,but had slightly changed tactics a bit and have finally made first ever program.

it is basic of course,but had made it more so for practice than for full public release.

Tom Cat Picture Viewer

the tom cat picture viewer was made in VB [visual basic],and being a cat fanatic had not only dedicated it to them but also added a kitteh icon as well.

its a handy little program to have for just viewing pictures if windows explorer ever fucks up like it has done on own laptop before due to some driver issue,so it may be of interest to others- dont know.

its functions are-
  • open and view pictures [obviously].
  • clear the current picture.
  • stretch the picture into a better position.
  • change the GUI background colour to suit the colours of the picture being shown.
  • close the application.

here is a screen shot:
sorry,used paint to save it-coudnt be bothered waiting for GIMP to open on dads pc as am due to go home and dont know when staff are coming.
have changed the background colour to pale blue and opened a icanhascheezburger image with it,for an example.

screenshot of the taskbar logo [probably obvious which one it is]:

virus scan

for the paranoid out there,here is the completely clear virus total scan of the tom cat picture viewer:


the prog can be downloaded from here:

thanks a lot if anyone downloads and tests it!
if anyone who tests it wants their name put in the program in the next version, please email:
rda.rider at gggg mail dott comm.


tom cat PV has .NET framework four dependencies,if are getting a runtime error upon installing this, it just means are using an older .NET framework.
it can be easily updated here: