Tuesday, 27 December 2011

first news letter from our residential services

our very first profesional newsletter has been put on the residentials website:

am mentioned in several places [emma,if do not know name] -about achievements so far with the ASDAN towards independance course am doing,and near the back of the newsletter they had wrote about what had happened to lottie and put some nice photos of her in there.

awesome designed newsletter,bloody thing wont even load on our home internet though,fucking opal telecoms/talk talk need their arses kicked,its a miracle if the connection works.

biscuit and goldie getting to know their new pal

finaly dad remembered to buy some battteries today from the shop,for the robot cat.
the ones that had been in it were used up totaly as the robots are left turned on all the time in the boxes so people can try them.

anyway,was trying out the kitteh on biscuit and goldie today and recorded it to stick online.
goldie will yap and give it a smack if it is close enough though that is not on the video,she is pretending not to give a shit,biscuit probably thought it was a mirror she was looking into.

will record boomers reaction to it later,he has not seen it before so may react very differently.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

merry catmas

due to having no money at all,was unable to buy anyone presents but yesterday had ended up making something special with dad for the kittehs,a catmas cake.

ingredients were-
#tin of cooked mackerel,all that watery stuff was drained and wiped and mashed.
#oxo cube
#tiny bits of premium quality streaky unsalted bacon.
#little bit of whiskers kitteh milk
#some sort of cheese

dad threw it in the oven saying in his hardcore tipperary accent, "fuck sake me handsll stink o fish forever".

had done the mixing of it which was made a lot easier by using the milk.

the catmas cake looked like something the cats had shat out,that will be because of the oxo cube but the cats didnt mind one bit they have all been scoffing it today,heres some photos of the cake and kittehs getting their piece.
-the squashed cat turd cake

-boomer,the stray cat who was rightly predicted by everyone to be living in the house by this weekend,
he loves this cake the most,he especialy has a thing for the cheese.

-biscuit heading straight for the cheese before the cake was cut.

-goldie nomming her piece.

sisters kittehs upstairs-ruby and sandy [photo taken at their own house]:
they never got any cake because dad threw the last of it out whingeing about the fishy smell.
the idiot himself sits there scoffing it and doesnt whinge about the smell then,poor cats.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

new cat....sorta

this is at mums/dads,not mine-so only get to see him?her? every weekend,going to use 'he' for describing as cannot be bothered righting both all the time.
he has been nicknamed boomer because of his booming voice.

the poor kitteh is a stray,he has a very old bad condition flea collar on,he has a patch of furr missing on his back next to his tail-which is where fleas usualy meet up,he has lots of other missing patches and he itches-  clearly flea bitten,its not a flea allergy though,we have had several kittehs with that.

he is just like lottie in behavior reminds so much of her,he is very vocal and will chat! had slowly gotten him used to self,and today after being taken here today; he visited.
he wants to curl up on knees,he wants to come into the warm,dad has made him a house inside his greenhouse with a comfy bed so he can stay warm.
dad has used a frontline dropper on him to help remove the fleas.

its obvious he isnt a homed cat-but has been,he has either been neglected/abandoned or an innocent family/person has lost him for some reason,dad said he is a senior cat about ten years old-he acts in good health though may be a bit deaf as his meow is very very loud-will try and record it tomorow and stick it on here.

 he is chatting with em in this picture,not growling or hissing.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

new PECS book

a lot of thanks goes to a certain yorksheh speech and language therapist for making a new style PECS book.
once have gotten into a new routine of using it over the other one,it will mean not having to struggle carrying it around,its on a green dangly clip on thing that the SALT nicked out of the office...as she woud say herself- 'nowt' wrong with it if it aint tied down.. well this was attached to something but that isnt the point.

^new PECS book,minus velcroed PECS and a lot more mobile.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

biscuit VS robot kitteh


biscuit was saying hello to a new friend of hers last saturday.

its the present have got from mum and dad for christmas-a furreal friends lulu/cuddlin kitty.

biscuit was trying to make friends with it and was showing her belly to it which in cat language means she isnt a threat and wants them to be boss,very funny.

goldie kept meowing everytime it meowed and was having a staring contest,in goldie language that means fuck off.
apparently they were originaly designed by sega which is pretty awesome.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


went to robinsons equestrian superstore yesterday-its called super because its super awesome.
the staff who work there did everything they coud to make the visit went ok,have never known a shop staff to be as disability supporting and as caring about the things they are selling,other places woud only do it for people who have a lot of money with them.
had brought the robinsons voucher that sister gave for birthday-a year ago now as had not been allowed to go.
 The voucher card [now missing its voucher]

wanted to get something from the baby joules range for orla,but they had no baby stuff which was unfair as there are plenty of horsey people who want to start their kids or someone elses kids young on the horsey stuff.

in the end,had managed to buy these:
a pair of the softest high leg socks available- made by joules of course.

there is more than one pair in this pack,another pair,they are high ones which are padded on the foot- they are made by requisite which is robinsons own brand

and the final thing-a pony teddy for orla,the only thing coud find the most suitable for her- well the only thing coud afford anyway,they had some very nice rocking horses and these sit on the horse teddy things but was told they cost so much above what the voucher was worth.

am thinking of seeing if sister wants a pair of those socks as a present,as am completely moneyless due to only being able to recieve income support and the high rate mobility in residential [dont even get to know about the HRM as it goes straight to motability/citroen].
she will be getting fed up with not getting anything every year when she buys em a lot- apparently have got a sharky and george tshirt off her this year and other stuff to.
 -had checked the site out that she got it off-it sells loads of clothing based on oldskool stuff- wish she had said she was ordering one as woud have picked a different cartoon probably but sharky and george was awesome.
totaly want the teenage mutant hero turtles half shell back pack-classic or what,she wont pay for that though.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

dearest lottie

lottie is now in dads garden buried side by side to many loved friends including twinkle.

because have been here since saturday [and about to go home now],had tried to arrange the grave with dad though its early work in progress dont have a plaque yet or anything but dad made a cross and wrote her name on it-though will still be buying a plaque that has it properly engraved and is weather proof.

have also given her a special crab shell that had gotten from a beach [rhyl or formby] as it means a lot to self like lottie does and woud never have let anyone else have it,had given her all the special stones had gotten from rhyl beach to.

these are some pictures from today-when it was dark and light.

Thursday, 10 November 2011


dont know how to write this.
its the hardest post have ever had to make.
reality is now starting to kick in a little had only heard the full explanation today.

monday this week,ems little girl; lottie was going to visit her usual clients [next door neighbours] to fill her belly some more which is only a short distance from the farm,.
someone had had a car accident nearby and there was a diversion sending a lot of traffic down the farms road.

lottie was hit somehow while going there and is no longer here.
the neighbour took her over to the farm,was just being dropped off at home from being at mums for the weekend to be told the news.

was desperate to see her,so one day this week we went to the farm late when it was dark and she had been kept in a nice sack inside a box away from anyone who might knock it.
had had a look in and she was just lying there,no blood no weird position nothing.
we took her back to our home as we were taking her to mums/dads the next day to bury her.
this was the first place she ever came to when had gotten her from preloved.co.uk so it was nice that she was going to be staying there a night.
was not allowed to keep her in bedroom/wetroom inside the box because of health and safety rules so she was kept outside in her box,had tossed all the stuff out of one of those big plastic vacuum bags which have clothes packed in them to put over her box and guard her from rain as she did not like wet weather much.

had decided to give lotties grave all the special rocks that had dragged home from when we all went to rhyl beach in wales for a day out,as those rocks mean a lot to self like lottie does,and today was the day,hope they dont mind saying it but had gone with manager and SALT,mum/dad and biscuit were there to.

 had sat her next to self in the car,was not going to put her in the boot.
dad had dug a grave,had got a look at her better and realised she did have blood around her mouth just like twinkle did.

had put her in the grave as dont think it woud have been right anyone else doing it.
arranged the rocks on her grave.

biscuit took ownership of the plastic vaccuum bag because it started raining.
its weird am able to say all this but still denie it at the same time.
lottie means more to self than anything along with biscuit and goldie at mums/dads-they are like how children are to parents.
love lottie more than anything,cant believe this has happened.
she was best friend,everyone loved her,she was a youngster?
it just doesnt make sense.

she will always be ems baby girl like biscuit and goldie and twinkle,and all our other cats who are looking after lottie now.
the photos from the last post on this blog were the last photos had got of lottie.

had had a few photos taken at lotties burial,to help understand it better but lottie has been a huge part of this blog for years including the banner so it is at least a good tribute to show her final resting place.
it is going to get a proper engraved plaque put on there and other things to her grave is right next to blackies and sams and a litle bit further on the other side is twinkles

the bag is not sealed up by the way,its fully open biscuit just loves her plastic bags.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

farm visit

went to the farm today, disaster but for a few uninterupted moments had gotten stroke the friendly resident pig,played a bit of chase and hug with the miniture donkeys and was then brought to the minibus as was very close to going postal as every moment we had spent there had been ruined by noise and not being able to access somewhere quiet due to other people refusing to move on.

had been dragged [that is the right word,though not in a bad way as was not able to move otherwise], back to the minibus and helped into the minibus,but one of the staff who was with the guy who was there before us lifted lottie up onto lap so sat with her in minibus.
lottie was transfered from where she used to live far away in that minibus and she doesnt like being closed in but she soon calmed down on knee,doing lots of dancing and purring and dribbling,she liked to see what was going on from the windows as well.
a dose of lottie is always a big help to making head feel better.

Monday, 31 October 2011

hangin out with a lost friend

have been friends with a chav for a while,she did have a nice side but she was somewhat pyschopathic and has a habit of just abandoning her kids, have been wondering for a while where she has gotten to.
she was always friendly,always came out to greet us before going back to bed whilst the kids were up to no good outside.

well anyway,we found out where she had got to today,thanks to the detective work of dad.
here is location:
she was found directly on the underside of the platform where biscuits fluffy fanny is positioned.

dad said she is hibernating.have posted photos of her on the blog before,heres a photo of her from today:

 she did always come out to greet us but she was a total pyschopath with ladybirds and flies-she tortured them.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

more PECS/images for use

these ones are own/home made.
there arent to many at the moment as most of mine are to exact to personal needs to matter to someone else but have been trying to upload all the ones that may be useful for other people.
as have said,have been trying,but mediafire for some reason is messing about and keeps saying file not found with quite a few images,have reedited them and saved them under different file extensions and compression sizes but that doesnt matter,if it doesnt sort it self out will stick em on the imageshack account.
or upload them here even.

start here:

huge PECS pack for use or editing

was given these so long ago had forgotten about them.

am not really suited to black and white PECS especialy ones with thicker lines as find it very difficult to make any sense of what looking at,but there are some coloured ones in the pack,they arent very useful to self also because of the thick lines but they might be useful to someone else.

they can be used for communicating with,for schedules or timelines etc-but may want to use a graphics program like GIMP from http://www.gimp.org to properly edit them to own size requirements and text [as theres no text with them so are free to put own if want it].

the link to download it is here:

had put them all in a .zip file as there are many folders and pictures-but do not know of any free file hoster that uploads folders,woud be here all day doing one picture after another,the zipping has slightly compressed it to,am not usualy a user of zipping so didnt know the best settings but yeah...the file is there for anyone who wants it,please dont claim those as own though if are going to be distributing them even if edited.

for the malware paranoid,have scanned it with 'no virus thanks' and did not tick the 'do not distribute sample' ,report available here:
*click here*

if are still paranoid after that then have a look in the zip in sandboxie first.

Friday, 14 October 2011

someone else is back on the road

this little madam:
is very very naughty,she will get away with it though because she looks to damn cute.
not only is she being fed at the farm by staff,by self and by other service users as others are fond of her to and like to feed her,but...she is sneaking into the farms cottage to steal the [dog] food from under the resident jack russels noses,and that isnt enough,oh no.

she is disappearing for a few days before coming back to the farm,lounging around and stuffing herself before disappearing again for a few days and so on.
we found out she had started to invite herself into a neighbours cottage just down the road for food,and they thought she was a stray so have continued to make her even more of a pampered pussy.
it has gotten her stuck in a routine with disappearing which is the bad thing,its probably because it appeals to her home comforts side,whilst her farming side is dealt with at the farm.
only just found out all this today.
dont know if she is going to have to be kept in for few weeks again to make the farm her territory like we did when she first moved in,will have to see what others say is best.
need to get her some spot on worming stuff,make sure it isnt worms that keep her looking skinny whilst stuffing herself silly but there is a person am very familiar with who can do exactly the same,she stuffs herself with mcdonalds,kfcs and all of that shit and she is very skinny,asked her once if she had worms as that is what woud happen and she didnt like it,so yeah she didnt have worms,she just orders a diet coke with her mc meals ha ha ha ha,sorry if are reading this.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

back on the road finaly

was at the farm today,which marks the start to an end to feeling shit at being stuck in the house.
well yesterday actualy was the first day but whatever.
had never posted it here but a while ago,for one reason or another was put on a high risk assessment in the minibus which meant had to change seats with another resident to be able to go out,as our cheapass council does not fund individual support for people in residential care to get outside-regardless of whether are able to go with the group or not.

the change was not going to happen,not because was being fussy or wanting own way,but had always-and still do sit in the same seat in every transport used including own car,its a solid lifelong routine and it wasnt like change is for someone without autism,it is profoundly painful,plus not to mention now a new placement with same people is being looked into,so what good woud be going through all that only to move?

just saying...if had been willing to go through the long term pain of slowly swapping to the opposite side [still in the back row in the minibus] ,woud have to do exactly the same thing with every single transport in use-thats a lot of cars,and a very long time worth of going crazy and pain.
but not only that,am risk assessed against sitting behind drivers anyway so woud not be allowed to swap seats in any transport apart from the mini bus so officialy it cant happen.

instead,they have just moved the other resident to a different seat instead as they dont have issues with changing seats,wish that had happened in the first place but its over and done with.

so yesterday was the first day back out as a group,and it was to horse riding.
was not able to ride as need to get back into a routine again,but it was great seeing jasmine,was instantly recognised by her and given a hug and a hand lick-something she usualy doesnt do-usualy she bites and nudges with her head.

had a starbucks on the way back which was very nice as never get to have them anymore due to money.

and today,as part of the group again,we went to our farm,of course thanks to having money from not doing riding had been allowed to get another starbucks.

everyone else had gone to make bake some weird fruit cake thing in the school room whilst self and horse phobic SALT went off to stroke horses and kittehs.
she got loads of awesome photos,including several of her fingernails close up which revealed were quite clean so any nose picking must have been wiped away earlier.
heres the photos.

 -a tiny dab of caramel/cream on the nose starts her lip curling.

 -the shyest pony getting her usual kiss and hugs.

 -dublin,a super chilled out ex show jumper.

 lotties tongue and lips locking onto the cream target [came off the starbucks].

 -wanting more of the stuff when was using it to get her to pose.

 lotties famous elvis impression.

 -she is so addicted to cream she cant wait for it to land and tried to drag hand to her quicker.

-lottie facing desperate times- begging like a dog for her fix.

Friday, 7 October 2011

college at home

about to become a student again thanks to the owner of the organisation am living under and ex key worker.

have been doing ASDANs towards independance for a long time as we are taught it at home-
but have just been offered the chance to learn proper photography with a professional photographer whom already know,we woud be going to places and building portfolios of work which is cool.
will be doing it with a friend/another resident.
we will be using proper digital SLR cameras,not panasonic digital camcorders with a shitty low pixel photograph function like one that coud mention sat in the bedroom right now.

it had been looked into but college courses for photography are all aimed at people who can access mainstream education and are not adaptable for people like self and other resident,the colleges themselves are not suitable unless are physicaly disabled,and no doubt woud probably end up kicked out again like last time had tried a mainstream college-was expelled from a course that is only for people with learning disability despite having two to one support.
so called 'special' colleges are shit as the funding for them stops when get to age twenty five,the national autistic society had tried to apply on behalf for a placement at a....*sighs* 'special' college called bridge college some years back just for students with autism w/learning disability,but had been told woud have been to old for the courses by the time they finished.

the government are a waste of space for those of us with autism and learning disability who require specialist education,they expect us to have either caught up with everyone else at twenty five,and if not we are lovingly offered the funding for a day centre-most of these for people with learning disability and/or autism are to put it one way...fucking mind numbing with no routine,its no wonder so many people end up being very challenging in them as they are itching with boredom.
the only one have ever liked was a national autistic society day centre,as it is charity based so gets a lot more funding put into it than the government day centres,it had a routine,it had an incredible sensory room,ended up losing the funding for it due to being transfered full time to another autistic organisation for residential.

will have to see about getting dad signed up with the photography,he has had a proper decent olympus E-410 for years and still cant work the zoom so he he uses his manual zoom instead-thats walking up to whatever it is he wants a picture of and usualy being so close its blurry,the photos look like he must have had one leg shorter than the other cause the pictures are wonky,and he temperarily blinds poor orla every week cause he cant work out how to turn the bloody flash off.
 there was one christmas it started snowing very heavy and there was a lot of it on the ground,and biscuit had gone outside to play,and even though had never used it before- had grabbed his camera as he was still snoring away and mum was saying to wait till he gets up to do it,but itd be nightime by the time he stops faffing about,so like that,had messed about with it to turn his flash off and worked his zoom and got some very snazzy photos.....of biscuit shitting in the middle of the garden next to the washing line because it was totaly white and confused her where the borders were,then rushing in because she didnt like the feel of snow dropping on her fur.

heres some of his photos with biscuit and goldie as models,which was taken some day this week,they have been having new flooring and carpets and furniture put in and had sent photos of it so woud be able to get used to the change before coming tomorow.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

some new photos

took them this week...

 this cute spider was in dads green house,thats its unborn babies in the black thing acording to what had read online,thought it was eating it at first but no.

 this is ruby-sisters kitteh who has been staying here again since...some day during the week, as sister is buggering off to another wedding with the brother in law.
dad has been away putting up a green house for his brother as he is fucking useless at that stuff [and they have supposedly smashed some glass already] but anyway sister didnt trust mum with ruby and sandy so had offered to make the holiday a bit longer to this coming tuesday to pamper the girls,sandy doesnt give a shit as usual but ruby has been loving the attention.

 this is the bag that had took clothes down in from home,its one of those last forever [but not really last forever] bags,from pets at home.
had thought it was quite funny when goldie got in it,she must have read the name and thought it was a home for her.

a lot of people including vets dont like touching or stroking goldie because of her ferral and unpredictible past,just look at how the little madam is now though-attached to knees,looking up everytime have stopped stroking her,dribbling when stroked,purring.
she loves srs attention.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

kitties and padded helmets-actualy not a good mix

last week had not had the padded helmet on whilst at mums though usualy do if head is ok-had been banging so there was some scarring and bad skull pressure at that time plus the long thick hair made it unbelievably itchy so was not able to wear it anyway [it was all shaved off on friday so it now feels great].
but,unfortunately for self [and the helmet] our little innocent tabby puss,goldie had pissed on it and a load of other stuff which were all lying together-had been using dads pc and she did all of this behind back without even noticing it.

the only explanation we had is it must be part of the kidney problems she is having as she never pisses outside her trays or gardens,it wasnt like spraying it was real bladder emptying ontop of rucksack which got onto everything.

luckily,everything has been washed,and the helmet has dried finaly,it smells very nice indeed.
was not bothered about our madams accident just hope it is not a sign of the kidney problems getting worse as its diet controlled at the moment [if it can be called controlled,well it cant]  but it will be hard giving her meds as she is ex ferral and even doing the ole towel restraint and throat rub with a buttered up tablet trick will end up with the human doing it losing their limbs plus she thinks are making a joke of her inteligence when tablets are crumbled up in her food.

heres some photos of both the scallywags from today [sunday] as we have had sunny hot weather so they were both out sunning themselves and biscuit was doing her favourite hobbies of looking out for mice and hedgehogs.

om nom nom nom

was being eaten by the niece today [sunday].

she came to visit with her ma and pa and was in a unusualy good mood despite her first tooth having come through.

like a vampire she pretended she wanted a hug or whatever but it was actualy to nom some flesh,she tried anything her little mouth coud get around,sister took loads of pics-

^she loves dancing and being supported to 'walk' across the floor and she kept trying to nom everything as seen in those photos,even the fringy bits did not escape nor the camera.

-shoud also say,orla seems to be keen on horse riding already which is a very good sign.
had got down on hands and knees for her on the floor and dad held orla on back like she was riding a horse,she did changing the diaganals and all that flatwork stuff,impressive rider-am definitely taking her for real rides as soon as she is allowed heheheheheheh.hope her ma doesnt see this...well she knows what think on this.