Saturday, 28 January 2012

drug dealing,it isnt big...but it is clever ALDI

as usual am at mums/dads again today and had found out they had both gone to ALDI this week for their shopping and was having a look at what chocolate sort of stuff had been bought by them.

lets just say,if mum had said infront of some police she had just bought her daughter a box full of disco biscuits they woud not react to it kindly.

she had no clue what disco biscuit is well known for and neither did dad which is why had got up the dictionary definition [as seen in photo below].
dad said it is named as such because of the smarties looking like lights,they are actualy very nice and can recommend them though unfortunately there isnt one bit of MDMA in them.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

free drink and cake

em has wedding to go now in march,woo free redbull.
found out this morning,sister and bro in law are getting married,they are doing it cheaply and both families are helping with that bit,sounds like half of norwich is coming up here by how mum put it though-hope they leave their shit football team behind.

Thursday, 19 January 2012


a few weeks ago....ish,had asked the sis woudnt it be great for orla [sisters daughter] to be able to go on a holiday to disney world or disneyland paris and she said yeah but they will never be able afford it, for various reasons they have money problems and cant afford UK holidays even.

had decided was going to save up money as often as possible to pay for a weekend break for niece,sister and bro in law and had told staff about this plan.
they looked up prices and stuff,and said it was expensive but was thinking for her birthday next year or the one after.
am thinking of the disney resort-davy crocket ranch which is a forresty sort of area with log cabins to stay in instead of noisy hotels,theres various ways of getting there that one hasnt been worked out yet.
woud love to go on holiday to the animal kingdom hotel in disney world to but its an impossible task without general anaesthetic saedation for going near airports/into airports/being on planes etc,and have been told disney world is ridiculously noisy by people without sensitive hearing who have been there.

woud like to be a nice aunty to orla,and give her what self and sister almost completely missed out as children as we never had close contact with any aunties/uncles unless they were pissed and phoning up an [also pissed] mum to have caterwauling arguments.

living in residential care am always being told spend are capped to a offensively small amount by the government,and have not got any left over for self when the motability car and minibus petrol are taken out of it,cant even afford horse riding anymore thanks to this fucking government who has left em in debt again with care bills.

so will find some way of saving for this.

 --now in the late stages of having a POA [power of attorney]there is more than one person being put on it,will finaly have an end to all the official trouble that staff get about being the ones who act on behalf,totaly pissed off as well that the bank recently froze the account thinking it was being used by some blackhat hacker because there were only the same small amount ever being used which has always been the case if they will have checked records,plus it came from the same local place.
blackhats will buy things upto/around what ipods and iphones cost on another persons credit card as apparently they dont get frozen,no way will they bother just taking out the cost of a very small amount of petrol.

 started making transition visits to get to know a certain sensory and soft play centre today-especialy for people with autism,but also for disabled people in all forms and sizes.
its called jump space- and is incredible from what remember of it [was overloaded by it being new and having to take so much in,not sensory though].
woud recommend it to autistic adults or children anywhere on the spectrum if they feel they woud get something out of it,its in stockport,manchester,england.
they are extremely adaptable to sensory difficulties,which is a rare thing to find even with other places that deal with autism.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

linus torvalds woud be offended

yesterday [as per the post below] had finaly gotten pa interested in getting linux installed on his pc.
it currently has vista on,and is a few years old,it has gotten slower....very slow,even he is fed up and complains every time he uses it.

so yesterday,had installed a virtual machine [virtualbox],the virtual box extension pack with drivers and whatnot and a distro called linux mint which is based on ubuntu and known by many as 'an ubuntu which just works' and is almost the most popular form of free linux.

had not known how bloated this distro was with software,it worked straight from the start with no config needed but fucking crawled along like a british athelete.
took ages to boot and shut down,there isnt any code or a splash screen to say its loading and the splash screen that shows when shutting is just a weird box of blocky text.
the default desktop environment is GNOME and even GNOME classic with no effects was slow.
so had installed the super awesome but light XFCE desktop environment-a improvement but its still laggy.
not recommending it to him as the one to permenantly install on his hard drive,cannot believe its recommended to people only just swapping over from windows-usualy because their pc cannot handle windows anymore,well fucking hell it aint going to handle linux mint.

today,had decided to try another distro out for him,see if it was any better for his spec.
so had tried one called puppy linux,its based on the ultra geek distro-slackware but with very little space and memory needed.
loved the speed and oldskool feel of it but coudnt get it to stick to the correct screen resolution of his monitor,think it needs the xorg file editing,but am back home now and cant sort that out till next week.

heres some screenshots of them both-
 linux mint-the black window there is system settings-crashed due to the amount of lag its giving off.

puppy linux-there were areas of the screen that the mouse woud spaz out on due to the resolution being smaller than the VM window.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

like parents shipping their kid off to school for the first time...

thats exactly what its like-freedom and no more silly restrictions.
dad has finaly gave in and accepted religeon in his life,alleluliah.
linus torvalds is our god,linux is our religeon.
he has finaly agreed to using linux,and am in the middle of downloading the latest 'linux mint' ISO for him and am about to set up a virtual box VM once thats finished to install linux mint into,as he is not quite ready to see it permenently on his hard drive yet.
-it had been between linux mint & the stupidly renamed mandriva-as theyre the most beginner friendly.
looks like he will be getting his computer challenged brother onto it as well.

Monday, 2 January 2012

kitteh photos

have been nicking dads SLR camera a lot this week and getting a lot of kitteh photos.
as usual he has been whingeing about it saying to leave it up to him to put them on the computer but fuck that am not going to wait for him to get off his arse months later when have been asked to put them facebook by sister,aunty and uncle.

sisters fur babies have been staying at mums/dads for the christmas holidays whilst they were down in norwich putting on their best farmer accents to fit in [well one of them didnt have to put it on as he already has it].

sandy-the kitteh with the severe FHS [feline hyperthesia....or whatever its called syndrome]  has been hiding away from as much human contact as possible but managed to get a few photos tonight without having hands ripped off and without her harming herself.
sandys daughter-ruby has been desperate for attention this week.

boomer is getting on very well-he is as much a part of the home as biscuit and goldie are now.

the photos-
a tired boomer,snoozing on mums bed

biscuit has a sleep over with her furrever friend-a furreal friends cuddlin lulu.

 a rare sighting of ms sandlepands,snoozing in a drawer under the bed.

 boomer getting ready for nap nap tiem.

 ruby,wanting to play and be tickled.

 biscuit,making a bed out of a shirt of mine-at least cat sweat isnt as bad as cat fleas though.

ruby,getting fed up waiting for the camera to be put down and the hands to tickle her.

--no pictures of goldie apart from very dark ones from the camcorder which are not easy to see.