ASD-benefits,support,aids etc

am going to start this list by asking fellow autists for their recommendations to,because woud like to build a list for all over the world and not just a limited personal view. [:P]
this is work in progress,it will be finished off,have been editing it for a few days.



-a list of all disability related benefits; including what exactly theyre for,who can get them,how to get them etc:

-the start of a guide to how some autistic people can claim the 'high rate mobility component' of disability living allowance: 

-get help with benefits;
DIAL [ignore that they now owned by a cerebral palsy charity,they help everyone and they are said to be much better than CAB].
CAB [citizens advice].

to get support,a social worker,specialists in social services teams or a individual budget,a care assessment from social services is required first.

-how to get a care assessment;

-care and support for people with more challenging/severe ASDs,to people in the NW of england [can vouch for them as better than the national autistic society for support as have been a service user of both and currently been supported by fairfield in their residential centre for years now];

-the national autistic society,they offer a lot of services for people all over the spectrum assuming they have got the funding in most cases;


-woud recommend both UK users and outside UK including america to make use of the national autistic societys advice/support helpline because it can be acessed by email to,it is ran by volunteers; most of who work with autism and are highly trained in it because several ex NAS support staff of mine do shifts on it;

contact the NAS 


-the zac browser is free and designed for autistic children but may apeal to autistic adults to,unfortunately am not a windows user and they have never made a linux compatible copy so have never been able to test it-
zac browser

-without a doubt the best AAC program ever created that was accessible to those of us without money is joel smiths JTalk.
joel was an amazing programmer he made it easy enough for us to adapt it to our own speech and visual choices.
however the last windows operating system it worked on was vista because joel never updated it and windows no longer works with the innards that JTalk requires to work,it wont work with WINE on linux either.
please joel or someone else program something similar;

-tap to talk AAC program which is adaptable to many devices but it does cost;
tap to talk

-proloquo2go is an awesome program however it is quite difficult to use on an ipad [have never used the iphone vesion before],it does cost but for those who arent visualy overloaded easily it gives them freedom to say what they want-

-for linux users with GNOME,theres the awesome gespeaker, it isnt a full AAC device it only does text to speech unfortunately but it is a lot more advanced than the free old TTSs will find on windows,make sure to install the espeak engine first.


-symbol world is very useful to those of us who struggle to process language or not at all for some,its a magazine style website that has been built in symbols with words;rather than entirely in words, great site have had this book marked for ages;
symbol world

-special friends online is a awesome website in the style of facebook with a forum for people with learning/intelectual disabilities,it costs a small fee to join and the staff strongly monitor everyone closely for a while after joining to weed out the disability frauds and predatory individuals, even though it is moderated we are given freedom and not treated like children,the only down side to the site is its to damn quiet,woud recommend it to aspies and auties, there are many of both on there;
special friends online


-if are into sports woud recommend joining the local special olympics club,there is a website for finding it assuming are in the UK [go google for own countrie if not],the special olympics doesnt accept high functioning people so for those who do not meet that criteria they coud check out the local disability clubs there are loads of them that people dont usualy know about-
join the special olympics local club


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