Tuesday, 27 December 2011

first news letter from our residential services

our very first profesional newsletter has been put on the residentials website:

am mentioned in several places [emma,if do not know name] -about achievements so far with the ASDAN towards independance course am doing,and near the back of the newsletter they had wrote about what had happened to lottie and put some nice photos of her in there.

awesome designed newsletter,bloody thing wont even load on our home internet though,fucking opal telecoms/talk talk need their arses kicked,its a miracle if the connection works.

biscuit and goldie getting to know their new pal

finaly dad remembered to buy some battteries today from the shop,for the robot cat.
the ones that had been in it were used up totaly as the robots are left turned on all the time in the boxes so people can try them.

anyway,was trying out the kitteh on biscuit and goldie today and recorded it to stick online.
goldie will yap and give it a smack if it is close enough though that is not on the video,she is pretending not to give a shit,biscuit probably thought it was a mirror she was looking into.

will record boomers reaction to it later,he has not seen it before so may react very differently.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

merry catmas

due to having no money at all,was unable to buy anyone presents but yesterday had ended up making something special with dad for the kittehs,a catmas cake.

ingredients were-
#tin of cooked mackerel,all that watery stuff was drained and wiped and mashed.
#oxo cube
#tiny bits of premium quality streaky unsalted bacon.
#little bit of whiskers kitteh milk
#some sort of cheese

dad threw it in the oven saying in his hardcore tipperary accent, "fuck sake me handsll stink o fish forever".

had done the mixing of it which was made a lot easier by using the milk.

the catmas cake looked like something the cats had shat out,that will be because of the oxo cube but the cats didnt mind one bit they have all been scoffing it today,heres some photos of the cake and kittehs getting their piece.
-the squashed cat turd cake

-boomer,the stray cat who was rightly predicted by everyone to be living in the house by this weekend,
he loves this cake the most,he especialy has a thing for the cheese.

-biscuit heading straight for the cheese before the cake was cut.

-goldie nomming her piece.

sisters kittehs upstairs-ruby and sandy [photo taken at their own house]:
they never got any cake because dad threw the last of it out whingeing about the fishy smell.
the idiot himself sits there scoffing it and doesnt whinge about the smell then,poor cats.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

new cat....sorta

this is at mums/dads,not mine-so only get to see him?her? every weekend,going to use 'he' for describing as cannot be bothered righting both all the time.
he has been nicknamed boomer because of his booming voice.

the poor kitteh is a stray,he has a very old bad condition flea collar on,he has a patch of furr missing on his back next to his tail-which is where fleas usualy meet up,he has lots of other missing patches and he itches-  clearly flea bitten,its not a flea allergy though,we have had several kittehs with that.

he is just like lottie in behavior reminds so much of her,he is very vocal and will chat! had slowly gotten him used to self,and today after being taken here today; he visited.
he wants to curl up on knees,he wants to come into the warm,dad has made him a house inside his greenhouse with a comfy bed so he can stay warm.
dad has used a frontline dropper on him to help remove the fleas.

its obvious he isnt a homed cat-but has been,he has either been neglected/abandoned or an innocent family/person has lost him for some reason,dad said he is a senior cat about ten years old-he acts in good health though may be a bit deaf as his meow is very very loud-will try and record it tomorow and stick it on here.

 he is chatting with em in this picture,not growling or hissing.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

new PECS book

a lot of thanks goes to a certain yorksheh speech and language therapist for making a new style PECS book.
once have gotten into a new routine of using it over the other one,it will mean not having to struggle carrying it around,its on a green dangly clip on thing that the SALT nicked out of the office...as she woud say herself- 'nowt' wrong with it if it aint tied down.. well this was attached to something but that isnt the point.

^new PECS book,minus velcroed PECS and a lot more mobile.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

biscuit VS robot kitteh


biscuit was saying hello to a new friend of hers last saturday.

its the present have got from mum and dad for christmas-a furreal friends lulu/cuddlin kitty.

biscuit was trying to make friends with it and was showing her belly to it which in cat language means she isnt a threat and wants them to be boss,very funny.

goldie kept meowing everytime it meowed and was having a staring contest,in goldie language that means fuck off.
apparently they were originaly designed by sega which is pretty awesome.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


went to robinsons equestrian superstore yesterday-its called super because its super awesome.
the staff who work there did everything they coud to make the visit went ok,have never known a shop staff to be as disability supporting and as caring about the things they are selling,other places woud only do it for people who have a lot of money with them.
had brought the robinsons voucher that sister gave for birthday-a year ago now as had not been allowed to go.
 The voucher card [now missing its voucher]

wanted to get something from the baby joules range for orla,but they had no baby stuff which was unfair as there are plenty of horsey people who want to start their kids or someone elses kids young on the horsey stuff.

in the end,had managed to buy these:
a pair of the softest high leg socks available- made by joules of course.

there is more than one pair in this pack,another pair,they are high ones which are padded on the foot- they are made by requisite which is robinsons own brand

and the final thing-a pony teddy for orla,the only thing coud find the most suitable for her- well the only thing coud afford anyway,they had some very nice rocking horses and these sit on the horse teddy things but was told they cost so much above what the voucher was worth.

am thinking of seeing if sister wants a pair of those socks as a present,as am completely moneyless due to only being able to recieve income support and the high rate mobility in residential [dont even get to know about the HRM as it goes straight to motability/citroen].
she will be getting fed up with not getting anything every year when she buys em a lot- apparently have got a sharky and george tshirt off her this year and other stuff to.
 -had checked the site out that she got it off-it sells loads of clothing based on oldskool stuff- wish she had said she was ordering one as woud have picked a different cartoon probably but sharky and george was awesome.
totaly want the teenage mutant hero turtles half shell back pack-classic or what,she wont pay for that though.