Friday, 10 December 2010

update on neurologist visit

A update to the hellish neurologist visit have posted about at an earlier date:

-Have been sent an apology by him for going home,he said he hadnt realised we were in the hospital as the receptionists hadnt bothered to pass it on.

-the hospital finally seem to be understanding how difficult it is accessing the hospital-the neuro has offered to do a home visit,and said after that appointment,wont need to go to the epilepsy clinic as staff will be able to go on behalf.

Laptops and dirty minds

needed something good to look forward to,yesterdays purchase was a good distraction-ordered an acer ferrari one ultra slim laptop [size of a netbook, power of a good non gamer laptop,with awesome colour and the horse badge],expecting delivery tomorrow hopefully all going well seeing as paypal was being DDoSed like crazy yesterday.

Today was pyschologist day [see her every week at home],she is very funny and nice.
She is trying to help with loads of issues, and she writes everything down.

she was asking the staff how to spell another staffs name who had been on last week to find out about a incident off her,and she said to pysch " starts with...*thinking*...S..H......*thinking*" whilst she was in her own world [as they say about us] being of the helpful type had quickly said to the pysch "I..T" to finish off the word,and she writes it down whilst looking at the staff for approval,not realising what it said.
the staff nodded her head and said "yeah,thats it",so the pysch looks down to carry on writing but then realised what she had written.

both of them said they hadnt had enough sleep,and funnily enough at the same time was being shown PECS based stuff on why am lacking sleep and what happens through lack of sleep,didnt realise was going to get a live demonstration as well,value for money!

speaking of swearing,either this week or the last,we were making christmas decorations,to be put up on this coming monday and they were big letters that had been cut out to spell something or other [no idea what] -was given the job of doing all the arty stuff on the letters.
once they were done and dry,the finger unfortunately slipped a few times and before we knew it had spelt out 'shit' on the table with the letters-our manager seen it and said it needs rearranging incase someone sees it,so he swaps the I for an A,to make 'shat', [to use in an example if have never heard this word before-"biscuit has shat over the side of the litter tray again"],he never noticed until it was pointed out.

Friday, 3 December 2010

a winters walk

every friday have got a routine of going out for a walk in the village, with some 'goggy' friends [owned by one staff,and his mates unfortunately], and even though it was severely icy,the attitude was-fuck it why not, anyway.
so we went for our walk,prepared with walking stick things of course because of how dodgy the ice was,they dont get gritted or anything like that there,its the real country.

we went along with others we know who took some photos of us for the ASDAN towards independance course am doing- unfortunately cant show it in full as it has one of the staff on but it looks very christmasy:
-the chocolate labrador is ralph,the smaller black dog is ralphs brother called hugo-who sometimes visits,and the other black dog is rocky.
rocky is a rotweiler X labrador,but has none of the rottweiler nasty in him,he is a super friendly dog with doggy ADHD who also thinks even cows and horses are dogs,and attempts to befriend them [video of this coming up shortly].
-the only true woofer of the group is hugo,but he wasnt to bad today so had a good walk with him.

it wasnt long before we came across our equine friends along the trail,
we know who owns them just not their names,theres a shetland and young skewbald cob,rocky is naughty-he teases them by running around the field and gets them playing chase-though despite that they are friends,heres a photo from today as well with the ponies and ralph:

after we finished walking the dogs,we went for the usual end part of the routine-a coffee,in the best tea rooms in the whole of the UK.
lounged with the owners cats harvey and nicks [her kittehs] and maisy-a awesome cocker spaniel X puppy with an identity crisis,she thinks she is a cat.

having a difficult time at the moment,it helped a lot getting out.

progress with the helmet

the wait for an extremely long awaited aid [though not all the NHSs fault] is finally coming to an end!
was due to go to hospital again tomorow to get head measured for the padded helmet,but they had contacted earlier this week to say dont have to come staff can just measure with a tape measure instead.

have had head measured before in robinsons when buying jockey skulls and on the current skull/helmet am using [pro II] its got the size sticker on there but everyone thinks itll be different because its a riding thing.

still having those stupid funding issues at the moment,going to kick this bloody councils arses in if they dont sort it out as they are through their choice saying that have to be housebound and dont need to go out the door,by having removed the little outdoors funding that had.
fucking conservatives,thanks to not getting out the major depressive disorder is getting worse again,though was the last one to know-only the pysch noticed today.
stuck inside,fuck all to do,what person woudnt go crazy seeing the same walls of their bedroom, getting no mental/hands on stimulation and exercise? plus have lost so much tolerance in terms of sensory stuff since being severely restricted by this funding loss,have lost all tolerance had ever had for outdoors.
not their fault in the slightest but its unbelievable that am living with others who due to the borough they are originaly from they have no problems with this funding,this complete lack of equality of fairness in care is disablist and very wrong.

think will be writing a letter to MPs about this.