Wednesday, 17 April 2013

attended a autism awareness month bash

was at a autism awareness month event yesterday in a huge library in manchester.
had been told about it by someone from SS/learning disability services last week so had to go check it out.

their idea behind it is one which will never understand they called it a living library.
all the people taking part in it [wasnt one of them by the way!] were either young,teen or adult autistic,a specialist of some sort such as SALTs,parents of autistic people,and the other side was represented by any person at all-whether it be some random person taking a nosy after buying books or an autistic person,or a parent,or some pervert off the street who happened to be interested in autism.

we parked in the disabled bay outside the library and was using the wheelchair but some son of bitch in charge of the area construction/ planning had done a whoopsy and forgotten to build a drop kerb,was fully paralysed from the waist down at that time so was not going to be any help.
a very kind man who had been on the other side of the wide street had saw staff struggling and helped them lift us up onto the kerb,so yeah-thanks to that irish man,a local woud never do such a thing.

was wearing the peltor optime III ear defenders and the padded helmet,as was wheeled inside,a gaggle of females looked at self,then looked at each other and burst out into some godawful squeeling and laughter, they woudnt have been laughing if they got a smack in their faces with those ear defenders given the weight of them!  wasnt in the mood for a fight that day was to interested in getting in the lift to this awareness shindig,pity those chavvy girls hadnt walked into the autism awareness event to and develop themselves a bit of understanding.

the room it was in was packed,it was very popular.
em and staff as well as the learning disability pysch who had recommended the event were sat with em and we got to know a guy who has autism,dyslexia and dyspraxia,it was interesting to hear how different he has experienced life in terms of how he has been treated and bullying issues,have never known autists like ourselves who can communicate sentances via any means necessary so it was very nice to hear autism from another view.
was communicating with him via a PECS booklet of mine as the sis had forgotten the proper PECS book at her house last week and only just managed to bring it today.
was having to slowly point to each letter on the booklet,and staff woud speak it,hate using the alphabet to speak out as it is so slow for everyone else to follow,wish had took the netbook instead.

though he isnt involved in the autistic community or forums, have got his email address-he is the first friend have ever had outside of residential care!!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

gaining some freedom in the great outdoors

its sunday and am having to stay an extra night at dads as our place has got no drivers on due to sickness.

dad finaly bought the wheelchair today as well,its a wheeltech enigma XS metalic blue wheelie,its used but its infinitely better quality than a brand new generic cheap wheelie on ebay.
bought it from a company which employs a large number of disabled people on their refurb and sales team,it was actualy one of the reasons had deliberately looked through their store-

comes with the extra large cushion seen above.

am finaly going to be able to access the more being left paralysed on the floor from the arch enemy of mine;complete todds paralysis,triggered by severe epilepy and sensory overload.
am really looking forward to gaining some basic freedom instead of having to relie on the car,thats why am a fat bastard....well that and drinking a shit ton of redbull.