about em

am twenty eight and severely autistic of mixed low/mid functioning.
am also affected by learning and intelectual disability,epilepsy with full todds paralysis from the waist down,post head injury impairment from lifelong daily head banging and a lifelong attachment disorder.

had grown up exclusivly special schooled but was expeled at fifteen due to violent behavior triggered by lack of communication and being misunderstood, was never found another placement or even contacted about so had spent entire days and nights using a computer-which in the end gave em the skills and interest in computery stuff like hacking to help others /penetration testing.

em have gone through a learning disability institution and many residential homes- all of which were neglectful,physicaly,mentaly and sexualy abusive hell holes ran by the same people.
they had made ems attachment disorder far worse due to all the moving around they did, they always said em was to challenging and a burden on them but they never did risk assessments.

the residential centre am living in now which is for kids,teens and adults with severe or profound autism has given em life back,am so much better now and the staff are so much nicer here,em have a much better life and a much more positive view of self compared to what previous places made us feel of ourselves.

autism and autistic community views.
em welcome anyone onto the blog whether they are pro cure,anti cure,pro choice, neurodiverse fans or against it-am personaly pro choice and believe it isnt up to anyone else to make decisions how we all shoud live.

am only against views being pushed as fact, providing people talk as themselves and not for the rest of us am all for hearing everyones views.

a lot of people discuss neuro diversity from both sides,however this is one subject am very unclear on,have never understood what it really stands for.

ems attitude to autism,the autism spectrum and disability.
em believe that all diagnoseable forms of autism is a disability because the world is not designed or accomodating for autistics and causes what is called the social model of disability; impairment caused by the ignorance, lack of accomodation,prejudice,neglect etc from other people.
those whom think autism isnt a disability either have a delusional highly pesamistic view of disability or they are possibly not even on the spectrum enough anymore to be labeled with the same condition.

a lot of the anti cure group are also those whom are fighting to remove the disability status from ASDs,they do not realise they are the minority of diagnosed individuals whom do not need any help whatsoever; such as disability benefits,residential care or supported living,aids or adaptions such as nappies or padded helmets etc. they do not realise they are the ones who can exist living a neurotypical esque life whilst everyone else more-or less has varying degrees of disability which without that label we woud not get the help we need.

many of the anti cure group have always campaigned to get their condition; which is almost always aspergers removed from 'autism' as they dont like being 'lumped in with us' [that is the way they put it].
they dont seem to realise there are actualy a lot of people with aspergers, especialy those with severe forms who if people were not told their diagnosis people woud assume they were classic autistic,have known a good few of them in residential care,they all had severe challenging behavior to.
am fed up of the way that the loudest highest functioning individuals speak for the entire autistic spectrum but at the same time are trying to isolate away those of us with classic autism when we are all part of a diverse autism spectrum and shoud be advocating with each other and getting all our voices and experiences heard as one group fighting for each other.
we shoud not be fighting against each other,we get enough of that without it coming from one of our own.

ems attitude to fakes/disability frauds.
this is one group em will not tolerate due to the life altering affects that a certain individual caused.

-people who make up illnesses,life experiences [such as abuse],disabilities about themselves and in the process they screw up whichever person they had befriended and attempted to suck attention,faith,understanding and support from those who only want to support the person,whom usualy have the condition themself but are being made a mockery of by frauds.

not only that,we have several very wellknown people in the autism and autistic communities acting as major advocates for the spectrum when they do not have autism in any form,had always felt one of them was not autistic she had a neurotypical mentality to start with but with the other person did not want to believe it because had known her for so long,stuck up for her just as long, and felt most relatable her on the net, but theres a lot of evidence now available against both of them.
it isnt fair that we do the best we can through life,and have tried to make non disabled people aware that we dont want pity and sympathy yet these fakes scroll along and regress our movement,they attempt to pull in as much pity and sympathy as they can and they begrudge anyone whom are genuinely affected because thats how munchausens and some PD works.

the autistic communities need to introduce systems whereby people shoud be proving that theyre genuine somehow,whether its scanning their diagnosis paper or in some of our cases-linking to themselves on official autism websites- such as mine which was put up on the residential center/autism org website,pics of em can be crossmacthed easily.
people can go on a webcam enabled chatroom to prove its them,theres lots of ways,people who value safety,trust and truth shoud be fighting to improve their forums recognising of users.

as for sockpuppets,have seen this done by one user on a hacking forum, sites can build a data base of all known proxy IPs and VPNs and ban them all,then itll be a lot easier to tell whose sockpuppeting.