Friday, 20 April 2012


this week at our residential home,a beautiful little baby pigeon had fell out of a high tree in its nest and landed in the garden,fortunately it was unharmed.

photos of the bird in cancer alley [staffs smoking pit]-

the poor bird had actualy wobbled its way up steps or the ramp to the front door and was keeping out of the rain there,being a fan of all things animal including pigeons had begged staff to phone the RSPCA-who turned out to be fucking shite,no offence to people in the organisation who do care but the one on the phone said to let nature take its course [ie,let the bird suffer at the paws of our cat and fox inhabited garden].

had always known the RSPCA to be shite when it comes to call outs,so this wasnt anything special but to be told because its a pigeon its life is worthless-what sort of animal welfare group are they?

next,had got staff to phone dad because he is a bird geek/whatever the name for them is called and he has looked after many a injured wild bird or racing pigeon, he wanted to take the baby in but said he didnt have any suitable feed.

next had found out about a small charity rescue that deals with wildlife such as pigeons,south manchester wildlife rescue-
they turned out to be the most helpful rescue have ever come across,not only with advice but also with willing to take the little pidgy in right away.
we arent in manchester so it was quite far but was determined to get pidgy looked after.

however,we spotted pidgys mum hanging around and staff spoke to the rescue for advice.
when it got dark,had gone out and lifted pidgy and put him/her on the fence near to where the nest fell,she just sat in hands and didnt want to get off,wanted to take her in and pet her!
the next day pidgy was no where to be seen but we heard pigeon chirping including baby chirping so hopefuly they are ok and no animals have got to them.

and yet another birdy tale,am about to start chick incubation probably from next week and will be having them in bedroom until they are old and big enough to go outside. we got the cage/hutch thingymajig today-it is a good strong cage like a heavy duty flight case, and have had the incubation stuff for a while,here are photos of it.

getting fresh coat of paint put on in room this weekend [same colours as usual] so we cant get the eggs till its all done.