Sunday, 7 April 2013

gaining some freedom in the great outdoors

its sunday and am having to stay an extra night at dads as our place has got no drivers on due to sickness.

dad finaly bought the wheelchair today as well,its a wheeltech enigma XS metalic blue wheelie,its used but its infinitely better quality than a brand new generic cheap wheelie on ebay.
bought it from a company which employs a large number of disabled people on their refurb and sales team,it was actualy one of the reasons had deliberately looked through their store-

comes with the extra large cushion seen above.

am finaly going to be able to access the more being left paralysed on the floor from the arch enemy of mine;complete todds paralysis,triggered by severe epilepy and sensory overload.
am really looking forward to gaining some basic freedom instead of having to relie on the car,thats why am a fat bastard....well that and drinking a shit ton of redbull.

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