Tuesday, 9 March 2010

slight updates

--motability,not long to go hopefully,keyworker has asked social worker for the tribunal letter [that proves the HRM],no one seems to have the copy,probably because was back at mums/dads at the time,so S/W is sending it,and that shoud be this week,so can order the car finally.

--am getting a new helmet finally,as old one [which is not designed for head banging/punching and falls-helps,but is too heavy for the length of wear needed], this one is padded and via NHS-neuro had heavily suggested it before but did not know who to refer for,for one-he thought learning disability services whereas they just refer back to neuro,hopefully will get somewhere this time around,though bet it'll be christmas before getting an apointment.

--am due to go into hospital soon again under the usual day surgery,for dental stuff [such is the effect of severe dental fluorosis,a tooth paste eating habit since being started on the stuff,epilim liquid [pre sugar free days],too many sugary drinks and sensory problems with brushing],think they are taking at least one out this time,as theres so little left of it,and they have tried building it up before which kept falling apart.

they want to get rid of the top one or both front teeth as well,and put screw in implants some months afterwards after its healed-for some reason,this seems to bring hatred out of some people because they want these implants,but am not allowed to have the hook on implants because of head banging,punching,seizures etc,dentist has said these woud rip out any teeth they hook onto as well as the implant tooth, so have a choice of screw in or nothing.

the last time had been for some work done [have to have any type of dental work done apart from basic check ups in hospital because of needs],was when was able to eat [a long while ago],as can remember -as soon as became able bodied enough from the general anaesthetic-tearing out of the hospital via staff door [am let out back way because of noise in corridors],to go straight to KFC drive through,dont get any side effects from GAs like other people do apart from a little tiredness,and a very swolen and scarred throat because they have trouble getting tubes down,and as am not eating now-dont know what will be rushing out for,it certainly wont be a rasberry ensure anyway.

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