Monday, 15 March 2010

Motability update

another update,because its a good one [to self it is anyway].
today,it was a trip to the citroen garage,and like last time they were very helpful with turning the music off their PA system so was able to go in the building,instead of staying in the car whilst staff went in.

Staff had brought all the stuff needed this time,never knew it needed that much,dont understand why but they had wanted photo ID of self as well,and the only form of this have got is a blue badge,so they had to bring that in and get a photocopy.

Next they wanted the letter to show was in residential care,as this then allows open insurance instead of the maximum two drivers, had thought it was going to be fully open so sister and her boyfriend coud use it if ever get the chance with them as she whinges about petrol in her own being used,but its only open as far as all the staff in this home goes.

They also appointed the manager of the home as appointee for the car-so that meant a load of fussing about,but it was worth the wait as he was able to put it through there and then,so-have finally got a mota./car ordered-a citroen nemo multispace,tuscan blue colour [pale blue],and it is being delivered at the end of this month.

the crelling harness is going to be ordered this week,and will be getting a tom tom [sat nav thingy] when have got the car,as that will be useful for staff,and are pretty awesome.

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