Sunday, 12 September 2010

motability car at last [slight update]

finally got it at last!
it had to be changed from metalic blue to metalic red in the end,as citroen said they didnt have any more blue for months,but had finally got the car on friday.

its a citroen nemo multispace,and is huge in
side-looks smaller on the outside than it is on the inside!
its an awesome smooth ride,a very quiet car,easy to get in and out of.
the seats have modern fabric on them,and being a tall backseat only passenger can say have never been in a more comfortable car-huge leg/head room.the driving staff say exactly the same thing as well
as its got an arm rest for that seat.
the floor isnt carpeted,its plasticy,rubbery sort of which is great as it means am able to help clean it instead of doing what everyone else does and taking it to cleaners.

still waiting for an OT visit to get the crelling harness for the car sorted out,as it has to go through the
m,CQC [the police of uk residential centres/homes] treat the crelling harness as physical restraint and have to get it written down by the OT as a need,so CQC cant complain,otherwise they woud have to be informed everytime it was used in the same way they already have to everytime regular restraint is used.
the only real issue have got with it is the radio,it automatically turns on everytime the engines switched on,a lot of people dont notice radio noise,really need to find a way to keep it turned off without pulling it out.
was given a boquet of flowers along with the car by the citroen garage,which was very nice as not many shops
woud do that,the colours are very nice to look at.

have only got a few photos of it but they identify home to much,and because have gotten into a lot of trouble with photos [though no idea what for],will only stick this one on for now,until can get better ones tomorrow....yea its a shit
looking one of the inside,but will edit some better ones in tomorrow.

Some more photos of the car,finally worthwhile to show relatives as well,mum was wanting to put on her good trousers to come out and see it when was dropped off at the weekend,cant take them [parents] anywhere.

have got a thing about the patterns on wheels,and become instantly tranced by them,so took a photo of the citroens:
theyre a bit shit and plasticy,as far as these things go,they are just wheel trims not alloy wheels,had wanted to get some alloys added on as well,but everyone says they are to expensive and with this being on motorbility there may be some issues over replacing wheels like that as its on contract.

have found some awesome looking alloys,very nice patterns will just make do with looking at all the alloy patterns on the bentleys/mercs/jags or whatever in the sainsburys car park for now.

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