Friday, 3 December 2010

a winters walk

every friday have got a routine of going out for a walk in the village, with some 'goggy' friends [owned by one staff,and his mates unfortunately], and even though it was severely icy,the attitude was-fuck it why not, anyway.
so we went for our walk,prepared with walking stick things of course because of how dodgy the ice was,they dont get gritted or anything like that there,its the real country.

we went along with others we know who took some photos of us for the ASDAN towards independance course am doing- unfortunately cant show it in full as it has one of the staff on but it looks very christmasy:
-the chocolate labrador is ralph,the smaller black dog is ralphs brother called hugo-who sometimes visits,and the other black dog is rocky.
rocky is a rotweiler X labrador,but has none of the rottweiler nasty in him,he is a super friendly dog with doggy ADHD who also thinks even cows and horses are dogs,and attempts to befriend them [video of this coming up shortly].
-the only true woofer of the group is hugo,but he wasnt to bad today so had a good walk with him.

it wasnt long before we came across our equine friends along the trail,
we know who owns them just not their names,theres a shetland and young skewbald cob,rocky is naughty-he teases them by running around the field and gets them playing chase-though despite that they are friends,heres a photo from today as well with the ponies and ralph:

after we finished walking the dogs,we went for the usual end part of the routine-a coffee,in the best tea rooms in the whole of the UK.
lounged with the owners cats harvey and nicks [her kittehs] and maisy-a awesome cocker spaniel X puppy with an identity crisis,she thinks she is a cat.

having a difficult time at the moment,it helped a lot getting out.

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