Friday, 3 December 2010

progress with the helmet

the wait for an extremely long awaited aid [though not all the NHSs fault] is finally coming to an end!
was due to go to hospital again tomorow to get head measured for the padded helmet,but they had contacted earlier this week to say dont have to come staff can just measure with a tape measure instead.

have had head measured before in robinsons when buying jockey skulls and on the current skull/helmet am using [pro II] its got the size sticker on there but everyone thinks itll be different because its a riding thing.

still having those stupid funding issues at the moment,going to kick this bloody councils arses in if they dont sort it out as they are through their choice saying that have to be housebound and dont need to go out the door,by having removed the little outdoors funding that had.
fucking conservatives,thanks to not getting out the major depressive disorder is getting worse again,though was the last one to know-only the pysch noticed today.
stuck inside,fuck all to do,what person woudnt go crazy seeing the same walls of their bedroom, getting no mental/hands on stimulation and exercise? plus have lost so much tolerance in terms of sensory stuff since being severely restricted by this funding loss,have lost all tolerance had ever had for outdoors.
not their fault in the slightest but its unbelievable that am living with others who due to the borough they are originaly from they have no problems with this funding,this complete lack of equality of fairness in care is disablist and very wrong.

think will be writing a letter to MPs about this.

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