Monday, 15 March 2010

Motability update

another update,because its a good one [to self it is anyway].
today,it was a trip to the citroen garage,and like last time they were very helpful with turning the music off their PA system so was able to go in the building,instead of staying in the car whilst staff went in.

Staff had brought all the stuff needed this time,never knew it needed that much,dont understand why but they had wanted photo ID of self as well,and the only form of this have got is a blue badge,so they had to bring that in and get a photocopy.

Next they wanted the letter to show was in residential care,as this then allows open insurance instead of the maximum two drivers, had thought it was going to be fully open so sister and her boyfriend coud use it if ever get the chance with them as she whinges about petrol in her own being used,but its only open as far as all the staff in this home goes.

They also appointed the manager of the home as appointee for the car-so that meant a load of fussing about,but it was worth the wait as he was able to put it through there and then,so-have finally got a mota./car ordered-a citroen nemo multispace,tuscan blue colour [pale blue],and it is being delivered at the end of this month.

the crelling harness is going to be ordered this week,and will be getting a tom tom [sat nav thingy] when have got the car,as that will be useful for staff,and are pretty awesome.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

slight updates

--motability,not long to go hopefully,keyworker has asked social worker for the tribunal letter [that proves the HRM],no one seems to have the copy,probably because was back at mums/dads at the time,so S/W is sending it,and that shoud be this week,so can order the car finally.

--am getting a new helmet finally,as old one [which is not designed for head banging/punching and falls-helps,but is too heavy for the length of wear needed], this one is padded and via NHS-neuro had heavily suggested it before but did not know who to refer for,for one-he thought learning disability services whereas they just refer back to neuro,hopefully will get somewhere this time around,though bet it'll be christmas before getting an apointment.

--am due to go into hospital soon again under the usual day surgery,for dental stuff [such is the effect of severe dental fluorosis,a tooth paste eating habit since being started on the stuff,epilim liquid [pre sugar free days],too many sugary drinks and sensory problems with brushing],think they are taking at least one out this time,as theres so little left of it,and they have tried building it up before which kept falling apart.

they want to get rid of the top one or both front teeth as well,and put screw in implants some months afterwards after its healed-for some reason,this seems to bring hatred out of some people because they want these implants,but am not allowed to have the hook on implants because of head banging,punching,seizures etc,dentist has said these woud rip out any teeth they hook onto as well as the implant tooth, so have a choice of screw in or nothing.

the last time had been for some work done [have to have any type of dental work done apart from basic check ups in hospital because of needs],was when was able to eat [a long while ago],as can remember -as soon as became able bodied enough from the general anaesthetic-tearing out of the hospital via staff door [am let out back way because of noise in corridors],to go straight to KFC drive through,dont get any side effects from GAs like other people do apart from a little tiredness,and a very swolen and scarred throat because they have trouble getting tubes down,and as am not eating now-dont know what will be rushing out for,it certainly wont be a rasberry ensure anyway.

Monday, 8 March 2010

new arrival

there is a long awaited friend and resident now at the farm!

this friend and resident,goes by the name of lottie [not changing it],is a young lady,is shorthaired tortishell and white,and is super beautiful like all cats.
she has her own part of a building at the farm [owned by the organisations owner/manager and husband],though at the moment think its completely hers until she is able to be allowed out.

she is very very friendly,but because of the change she is having to settle in again which is a bit hard for her.
the ex mum/dad gave her big cat tree to go with her,so she has that there,she has a few different beds,blankets,hay,toilet,lots of high climbing places which she likes,and a huge window to watch everything going on.

she has come from a home but liked to go out a lot,her mum/dad are moving far away from and lottie does not travel very well so they dont want to make her ill and decided to rehome her instead.

found her on preloved on friday,and got her in the minibus on the same day,its just as well had gone in minibus and not car because of the cat tree and all the other stuff she needed.

got staff to ask them if they woud like photos/updates on lottie through email which they woud really like,so will be doing so,they are genuine and do care for her.

have got her a lot of toys,beds and got mum to get her a new cat blanket from quality save at the weekend as have got one of these on own bed and it has become lotties favourite.

she is still being fed what she is used to at the moment,which is felix roasted,but slowly adding different ones in to make sure doesnt make her sick,got her the posh kitty biscuits,she likes them a lot,and iams meat-which have not tried her with yet but the other mum/dad said she will eat anything.

everyone on the farm including manager/husband have liked lottie a lot,all going in her home to give her some attention.
managed to hold her today,and got her purring for a bit before she wanted down which was good as she didnt want to do this the other day.

have waited for this day since being moved into adult care,so it has took a long time,but the wait was worth it.

anyway,forget talking about her,the pictures that took today [monday] shoud say it a lot better:

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

go ahead for car

in what must be the longest mess around ever for getting a motability car [and nothing to do with motability themselves or not having HRM either as have had an 'indefinite award' of it since near the start of last year],and being told coud not afford to run a citroen picasso [though coud afford the car,which woud be pointless as it woud just be sat there looking good and going no where],have now been told am able to afford a cheaper running one,so had come across the citroen nemo,
which staff say am able to afford.

Had been to the citroen garage today,so coud see the car properly, the staff there were very understanding [they had turned off their music system before had gone in].
attention had got hooked on a modern looking car,near the door [this was indoors],dont know which citroen it was-but it looked like an older seat leon cupra/fr [very sporty looking],these are too small in size and height for self anyway being a backseat only user,but have been told about sporty models of cars before being very noisy [supposed to be what the boy racers like?] and use up petrol/diesel quick?

So,it was on to the nemo in the show room.
it looked so much better than it does on the internet/in photo, really something different.
it fits own needs perfectly,the motability guy said its just a bit smaller than the berlingo and has no difference in their price as was also thinking of getting one of them,but they did not have one in at the time to show,one of the lads that used to live with had a berlingo but his was ramp and wheelchair adapted so looked a lot different,plus show room guy said only the nemo came in a pale blue so that sold it.
there doesnt seem to be a choice in wheel covers/seat trims etc,but the standard stuff looks great already.
the crelling harness is going to be added on after as not surprisingly
all of the adaptions that can be got via motability are only physical related.

it has come as great news to self as have been getting worse,and have starting to cut quite badly again as do not know how to communicate what is going on in head,most of the time do not even know either.
have gone back to using strong edged PECS as cutting tools when desperate,as it is almost impossible to get hold of drink cans to rip metal from,shoudnt really be saying this as do not want to give others ideas as well.

finally,nothing to do with what have written so far,but get well soon to uncle A. [the family know this blog-his son who is younger than self is also autistic],he had multiple heart bypass[?] surgery on monday morning.