Thursday, 20 January 2011

a new ASD site launching-SOON

a new site is launching soon,called EDFN [embrace difference,fear normality],dedicated to the whole autistic spectrum,not just one severity,functioning, area or age group-like what usualy happens with 'ASD' sites.
-as well as autistics,it welcomes people of all ages,and people who are indirectly connected to ASDs in some way [such as families/parents with autistic children].
-the message of EDFN is that people need to always believe in hope and a positive future for their autistic son/daughter/sibling etc regardless of severity,that autistic adults are not the same as autistic children, and that people with any ASD label can be successful in life with the right support.
-EDFN is not an extremist anti cure site,its pro choice as have never agreed with the way people believe they have a right to force their belief on others when they do not experience an ASD the same way.
however,it is about spreading encouragement,supporting the autistics who already exist instead of abandoning us and spending money on future cure research that may never happen.
anti cure/pro cure people are welcome to the site,if they can respect that everyone has their own view and not to force theirs on others.

it will be an actual site,plus a phpBB forum-have not finished installing the forum, will be doing that today hopefuly all going well then starting the site off.

have got the next part of this autism project waiting to start as well once the site is finished.

heres where the power of autistics,self diagnosed autistics,and families/friends/ support staff etc of autistics come in.
the site will have a section on how ASDs affect ourselves and everyone around us,life experiences,-peoples personal experiences.
if woud like to share own story,please email: rda.rider [AT] gmail dot com.


more information on EDFN coming very soon.

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