Monday, 24 January 2011

visit to the farm

went to the farm this evening,which was very nice.
got to see lottie,she had a good hugging and a big bowl of food to finish off her spoiling.
then we went to look at matilda and her calf-matilda is a very tame jersey cow.
she got a load of rubs and had gotten a licking off her in return,the little one attempted it as well- she looked like bambi.

not had a good day,so it was very nice having this quick trip out.
here is some of the photos taken:-with lottie,she was desperate to get into her house for some food.

had to brighten this one up in GIMP as it was very dark,am being given a licking bath by matilda-can just about see her tongue out-ready for action in this.

and here is lottie,kindly showing us where her house and food cabinet is,as if we dont know already.

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