Saturday, 19 March 2011

cat addict in the making

friday-the day after st patricks,was the day sister was expecting the birth of tiddles,also known as her baby girl and some stupid names for ideas she has come up with.
anyway,on friday had finally managed to get tiddles a clothes set,given that kitteh clothing is very rare,this was a awesome thing indeed:

its a kitteh t-shirt and a pair of white shorts,and a pair of pink shorts behind the tshirt.

have decided to put the robinsons equestrian vouchers had got for birthday off sister,to some horsey themed presents for the baby.
technicaly shoud be putting it towards a new pro II riding skull; had unknowingly smashed the top of the current one when was out of control in bedroom recently,pro IIs are only one below the most profesional skull available,so they arent cheap.

tiddles is due any day now,and cannot wait to be auntie.

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