Thursday, 31 March 2011

Auntie status has arrived

the little madam herself was squeezed into the world by sis,not long ago [thursday night-uk].
had found out today she was in hospital since tuesday to be induced and in the end she had to have diamorphine and had lost a lot of blood so was kept in a bit longer-she only got out this afternoon [saturday].

self,mum and dad went to see the baby,sister and bro in law this afternoon.
we only got back not long ago-tonight so heres a photo till tomorrow.

was told the little madam has slight jaundice,which is normal for babies due to something or other which dont know what the hell she was going on about,but she is ok-that will go away,
she seems super intelligent,and was told by sis am natural at calming her-kept her quiet throughout all her kickoffs,though got pissed on by her which didnt matter-coudnt stop laughing,at least it aint self doing it for once.

she kept making gang signs,and sticking her middle finger up at people,as well as the backward V sign-though cannot be blamed for teaching her swearing signs this time.

they are going to teach her makaton as soon as possible,as babies can learn sign quicker than speak.

sis had also said something recently which confirmed why she was an awesome sister,
had asked her if it was possible to test for all developmental and learning disabilities, such as autism spectrum,learning disabilities,downs [which has a test] etc,woud she take the test and
get abortion to get rid of them,and she said she woud never get any such tests given the choice,that she woud see them equally whether they were disabled or not and woud love them all the same if they did happen to be born with any condition.

she woud be great at adopting autistic,LD etc kids.

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