Friday, 12 August 2011

the autism spectrum and jobs

had been reading a forum today [nothing to do with disabilities] and noticed there were a number of people saying they had an ASD and cannot work,whether these users were genuine and not the same persons multi accounting habit as am led to believe due to the usual warning signs; is besides the point there are a lot of autistic spectrum people online who think like this.

the fact is,many people with any of the main forms of autism can eventualy get a job of some sort, whether paid or voluntary.
autistics shoudnt think they are unable to work through their autism,am living with decent guys who happen to have severe and profound traditional low functioning autism and another who is like self except with less understanding of the world-they all have a small voluntary job contributing to the community which is pretty awesome as a lot of people without disabilities sit on their arses at home all day,using their unemployment for modern technology,drugs and other luxuries.

autistics at any level can be capable of working with the right support and the right job,and those who are mildly affected by their ASD with minimal if any support or complex needs are the most able of all to aim for it,its often this group that thinks their ASD stops them from working.

leo kanner,the founder of the first research into autism [classic] always said autistics had a high chance of working if they have a job that focuses on their interest/abilities.
people need to believe in themselves and stop seeing their diagnosis labels and stereotypes,
never believe what the stereotypes of labels say,only believe in self.
its like with parents of low functioning autistics thinking they will stay the same way forever, they do not realise if they are allowed to develop,and are given the support along with a job they will have interest in-they to coud be working on some level-have already mentioned several examples above.

am hoping to eventualy work towards voluntary grooming and mucking out horses,but have a lot of issues which currently put a stop to it,some of them being due to not getting the outdoor funding,which means woud not be able to do any sort of helping out unless go with someone who gets the funding-which is pointless because those who do get the funding woudnt do that sort of work,they only get the funding as they are from a better borough which isnt fair and am fed up of this unequal shit.

it just doesnt make sense,we get a shit ton of people in the UK who dont want to work but are perfectly able to; eating up unemployment benefits,but those of us in registered residential care here who want to help out in some way are being stopped from working by social services/ learning disability services due to not getting the outdoor funding.
theyre a bunch of muppets who run the government.

anyway,point being...
autistics-of all severities and functioning levels,dont look at self as being broken or unable to do things,always look for different ways around barriers and never assume are useless.

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