Saturday, 20 August 2011

DIY chemistry for the win

am not coping at all with head at the moment,have been desperately wanting to escape it [before anyone am known by translates that to mean-fed up of living at home,no,nothing to do with that], fucking local social services funding panel though is a different matter.
ugh,fucking hate them,they have got no fucking idea what its like to be stuck in bedroom every day,day after day,seeing the same walls with fuck all to do...
unable to get out the house due to the local funding panel here cutting the maximum amount given to each person in residential.
am unable to get out with the group because of the lifelong routine change that has to now be done due to the new risk isnt that am being stopped by anyone else but because of it being such a attached routine change its impossible.

so this weekend,whilst am at mums,had decided to try and get drugged up somehow to blur what is going on in head.
the only things have got access to doing this with are mums over the counter co codamols which she refuses to get them for free [being a pensioner] because she doesnt like her gps.
had saw she had alot of trays left and took one,but realised will just end up feeling sick if take them all because of the paracetemol in them.
had remember back to the days of the old great forum TOTSE when people were always describing their experiences with a cold water extraction.
had looked up a easy picture tutorial on making almost pure codeine from cocodamol,and got perfect results.

everything was finaly settled and calm in head,it was clear,was able to properly think again.
was not feeling sick and shitty due to having extracted the paracetemol first.
this isnt a regular thing,if anything it says just how desperate head is feeling to want to take purer opiates.
sister is a councilor and woud get totaly lectured and disowned off her if she found out what had done as she is one of those people who wont even touch alcohol or anything else for fear of becoming adicted to it.

this is what had used to do it:

-though something had used to mash some pills up and the freezer are not shown of course.
the kx tin there [its tescos version of redbull,cheaper and nicer] was mixed with the stuff at the end because of course it tasted bitter but that was nothing compared to ensure liquid.

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