Thursday, 10 November 2011


dont know how to write this.
its the hardest post have ever had to make.
reality is now starting to kick in a little had only heard the full explanation today.

monday this week,ems little girl; lottie was going to visit her usual clients [next door neighbours] to fill her belly some more which is only a short distance from the farm,.
someone had had a car accident nearby and there was a diversion sending a lot of traffic down the farms road.

lottie was hit somehow while going there and is no longer here.
the neighbour took her over to the farm,was just being dropped off at home from being at mums for the weekend to be told the news.

was desperate to see her,so one day this week we went to the farm late when it was dark and she had been kept in a nice sack inside a box away from anyone who might knock it.
had had a look in and she was just lying there,no blood no weird position nothing.
we took her back to our home as we were taking her to mums/dads the next day to bury her.
this was the first place she ever came to when had gotten her from so it was nice that she was going to be staying there a night.
was not allowed to keep her in bedroom/wetroom inside the box because of health and safety rules so she was kept outside in her box,had tossed all the stuff out of one of those big plastic vacuum bags which have clothes packed in them to put over her box and guard her from rain as she did not like wet weather much.

had decided to give lotties grave all the special rocks that had dragged home from when we all went to rhyl beach in wales for a day out,as those rocks mean a lot to self like lottie does,and today was the day,hope they dont mind saying it but had gone with manager and SALT,mum/dad and biscuit were there to.

 had sat her next to self in the car,was not going to put her in the boot.
dad had dug a grave,had got a look at her better and realised she did have blood around her mouth just like twinkle did.

had put her in the grave as dont think it woud have been right anyone else doing it.
arranged the rocks on her grave.

biscuit took ownership of the plastic vaccuum bag because it started raining.
its weird am able to say all this but still denie it at the same time.
lottie means more to self than anything along with biscuit and goldie at mums/dads-they are like how children are to parents.
love lottie more than anything,cant believe this has happened.
she was best friend,everyone loved her,she was a youngster?
it just doesnt make sense.

she will always be ems baby girl like biscuit and goldie and twinkle,and all our other cats who are looking after lottie now.
the photos from the last post on this blog were the last photos had got of lottie.

had had a few photos taken at lotties burial,to help understand it better but lottie has been a huge part of this blog for years including the banner so it is at least a good tribute to show her final resting place.
it is going to get a proper engraved plaque put on there and other things to her grave is right next to blackies and sams and a litle bit further on the other side is twinkles

the bag is not sealed up by the way,its fully open biscuit just loves her plastic bags.