Thursday, 3 November 2011

farm visit

went to the farm today, disaster but for a few uninterupted moments had gotten stroke the friendly resident pig,played a bit of chase and hug with the miniture donkeys and was then brought to the minibus as was very close to going postal as every moment we had spent there had been ruined by noise and not being able to access somewhere quiet due to other people refusing to move on.

had been dragged [that is the right word,though not in a bad way as was not able to move otherwise], back to the minibus and helped into the minibus,but one of the staff who was with the guy who was there before us lifted lottie up onto lap so sat with her in minibus.
lottie was transfered from where she used to live far away in that minibus and she doesnt like being closed in but she soon calmed down on knee,doing lots of dancing and purring and dribbling,she liked to see what was going on from the windows as well.
a dose of lottie is always a big help to making head feel better.