Monday, 2 January 2012

kitteh photos

have been nicking dads SLR camera a lot this week and getting a lot of kitteh photos.
as usual he has been whingeing about it saying to leave it up to him to put them on the computer but fuck that am not going to wait for him to get off his arse months later when have been asked to put them facebook by sister,aunty and uncle.

sisters fur babies have been staying at mums/dads for the christmas holidays whilst they were down in norwich putting on their best farmer accents to fit in [well one of them didnt have to put it on as he already has it].

sandy-the kitteh with the severe FHS [feline hyperthesia....or whatever its called syndrome]  has been hiding away from as much human contact as possible but managed to get a few photos tonight without having hands ripped off and without her harming herself.
sandys daughter-ruby has been desperate for attention this week.

boomer is getting on very well-he is as much a part of the home as biscuit and goldie are now.

the photos-
a tired boomer,snoozing on mums bed

biscuit has a sleep over with her furrever friend-a furreal friends cuddlin lulu.

 a rare sighting of ms sandlepands,snoozing in a drawer under the bed.

 boomer getting ready for nap nap tiem.

 ruby,wanting to play and be tickled.

 biscuit,making a bed out of a shirt of mine-at least cat sweat isnt as bad as cat fleas though.

ruby,getting fed up waiting for the camera to be put down and the hands to tickle her.

--no pictures of goldie apart from very dark ones from the camcorder which are not easy to see.