Tuesday, 21 August 2012

clashing with a silly old codger in a sainsburys carpark

sorry if anyone actualy reads this blog and gets something out of it,other than the realization there is other bored as fuck autists on the internet.
havent posted on here in ages due to a lovely uncle of mine who gave a money gift when he came to sisters wedding,bought a yearly deviant art subscription with it,and got into a routine of using the journal there.

was at sainsburys today getting a starbucks as have not been able to afford one in ages,such is life as a disabled person.
was with two support staff in the car of one of theirs;its a lovely convertible car,love the sensory input from driving around in it so am usualy trying to persuade him to use his car instead of mine which doesnt have air con so gets very hot.

the blue badge of mine ran out this week and no one had noticed till the day before,so it was in the office at home being renewed by other staff.
due to routine and disabilities,disability parking bays are always required so we were parked in the usual spot but support staffers were going to say the new one was being renewed at home so we didnt have it; car parking attendants have always gave us allowed it before as staff have the organisation and residential home ID visible on them.

anyway,picture this if are the type who can mentaly picture stuff without having seen it- am sat in the back seat as normal [both due to risk assessment and routine],am wearing the same old padded helmet plus clearly obvious ear defenders due to noises; plus am visualy and behavioraly obvious that something isnt of the normie variety.-using makaton,constantly rocking and biting flesh with big old bloody self harm scabs on arm says something aint fuckin right.

and there is a female staff sat in passenger seat;she is younger than self but in twenties somewhere, and the other staff who is driving looks,sounds and paints like rolf harris so is probably around the same age.

anyway,both of the staff arent even finished yapping on about what flavour frappachino they are both getting-and they also had to decide which one of them was going in.
during that time,this old codger comes up to the front of the car strutting like some bad ass and shouts  'do yeh know yeh supposed to be disabled to park here' ,both staff were pissed off at the fact he had the cheek to assume there is a age and look to being disabled,and the male staff says to him 'yes we know actualy,we have a disabled service user in the back,her badge is being renewed as it is out of date'.

so this old codger stands there looking at us right in front of our car muttering away to himself,then sits down opposite us at a table outside the starbucks bit of sainsburys building.
he looks at us whilst telling his wife how we are wrongly parked in a space for disabled people [yeah...some of us can fucking hear,idiot],then she takes it upon her codgery old self to stare at us.

a PEC [AKA a laminated picture for communicating with] of mine,this one in fact:
is made with a photo of the actual blue badge of mine,the female staff was waving it at him but it didnt make a bit of difference.

was totaly surprised he didnt report us to sainsburys car park staff,like some have done before-when we actualy had a valid blue badge on show but we were all young so obviously cant be in need of a blue badge let a lone disabled.

am fed up of this attitude from old people who think the only disabilities are ones which can be helped via the use of a mobility aid,a hearing aid or a white cane/guide dog etc,plus it can never be young people,only old.

coming from a different age when there wasnt much information is no excuse to be ignorant and agressive to other people today; we are not frozen in time,there is no reason why they will not be around the same modern information we all are,they give other old people-who know their shit a bad name.
it is just an excuse to fucking whinge and hold grudges with other serial complainers whilst in the que for their pension.

after grabbing our starbucks,we went to a new doctors clinic for a transition visit,am having a few transition visits before an appointment.

then we got back,and saw to the young outdoor chickens of mine,cleaned out their coop and gave them fresh bed,then cleaned out hennys coop and gave her a super comfy bed as she doesnt have other chickies to snuggle up to.
gave them all pieces of melon which they loved,and left them out to free roam.