Monday, 27 August 2012

mending sores

mum had a serious heart attack the sunday before last and only just got out of hospital on friday.
as soon as she left the hospital doors she had her fags out smoking and then started drinking heavily again when she got home and she hasnt stopped boozing since.

its really hard to know what to do when someone is comitted to destruction and wont get help,she has had depression for longer than alcoholism.

its only the past few years have had any sort of connection with them having grown up being resented,beaten and mentaly abused on a daily basis by both of them [mum only when drunk],regulary over hearing of childrens home talk.

even support staff mentioned recently it is more like a normal parental-child relationship now compared to when they first saw us.
am accepting staff calling dad; dad now as well,as it has started to feel more natural.

am visited by them every wensday and they love seeing all the chicks and chickens.
dad in fact loves them so much last week he ordered them a massive coop and double run without having ever asked him.
am very greatful to parents but wish things coud have been different back then in terms of disability understanding and support for parents as we all lost out on so much and am still coming to terms with the twentyodd years being resented,seen as a burden on the family by near and distant relatives,no hope...
its still very painful.