Tuesday, 26 March 2013

addicted to a ipad sensory app

borrowed a fellow residents ipad the other night,he has the most basic one as its only used for proloquo2go.
staff put on some sensory and AAC apps-all free!!!  and these are..... well theyre just amazing.

was sat playing with one from afternoon/eve till night time,it is serious sensory seeking stuff and woud recommend it to anyone,still cant work out what its called because a google search for the name on the ipad seems to come up with a load of other shit.

anyway,thanks to the power of this laptop webcam and guvcview,had filmed the app in use;as close up as possible,it looks far,far awesome on screen than in this video and woud recommend everyone autistic or not give it a go because several support staff were addicted to it this evening and theyre as non autistic as people can get.
*click here to display video*

now,am in need of a bit of help.
does anyone reading this know a bit about these touch screen tablets?
have been desperate for one since proloquo first went into development but am even more so desperate for one now,and have been shown that android has its fair share of AAC and sensory apps to,so am thinking of getting an android cheapy tablet.

one staff however,has been really negative of these android ones; he says unless are able to get the likes of samsungs nexus then its possible will end up getting one with a shit screen.
am not sure what to think...being a newbie to this technology,he is an apple fanboy and has more money than sense [hell,he is a glory hunter and changes his football team when theyre in the dirt quicker than his underpants which says a lot], so fellow autist and non autists.... please help, are the cheaper android tablets perfectly useable?

am liking the nabi-
its designed for youngsters and has a thick rubber casing and can take a real battering off toddlers so that comes in handy, but we found a even cheaper one-
this is a unknown brand one,the specs kickass and the reviews are very positive,coud get one of these and a good protective case maybe.

what does everyone think?

n/b. havent got the money yet,but this is being planned..other people just dont know that yet.

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