Friday, 31 January 2014

new home

have been at the new placement since the twenty second of january, and its great to be finaly somewhere that isnt a fucking prison.

a week after being released in december,was detained again after an almighty battle with the police, was in absolute fear of going back into that learning disability hospital,thankfuly was given a load of PRN halperidol and zopiclone as it was about ten o clock at night when had finaly stopped fighting and was flopped under everyone on the floor.
luckily did not lose placement,and they changed the things that needed changing,and gave a lot more time to get used to the transitions and new routines.

well am now nearly a week out of hospital and feeling so much better for it.
am not on a section three anymore either,they finaly removed that when was discharged-am on a section 117 aftercare but acording to the advocate of mine they have no legal right to detain under this section,its just a duty of care thing they have to put in place.

am not allowed to have anymore incidents whilst living here,as the police have had meetings with social services and said will need to go back to secure residential care and not live in the community anymore if they are called out again to deal with self.
residential care honestly sucks,and am fed up with it,it is so limiting in having anything that resembles a life,just being able to think about going to a local shop and doing it or going for a walk [or a roll in KoRs case] is a rare luxury,money is a distant dream as are not alowed to have more than twenty five pound a week under the UK law if are living in residential care.

am determined to make it work,thanks to getting out of residential care and having money am now an athlete for the special olympics club;wirral chapter,doing equestrianism.
am also a fully fledged member of staff for the NHS,working as a interviewer for two social services learning disability teams;trafford and CWP,and am part of an LD advocacy group PLUS helping to put together learning disability awareness week at the hospital that started the NHS,a interest of mine because have been treated so badly in that place due to being LD and autistic.

have also got the internet but that shoud be obvious if am writing this,am on a 'three network' dongle thingy that plugs into the laptop and allows internet access anywhere,its got a gig of bandwith/data allowed but have added a firefox addon that blocks all images and have turned off any software that automaticaly updates to avoid running out of data, because am undergoing a new power of attorney and it takes a while to get it sorted am unable to get a proper internet connection sorted out until thats done.

right now,am suffering terribly from a cold,its gone to lungs and am struggling a lot to breathe,its three am now and am due in work tomorow,cant let them down.
am not allowed to take over the counter cough/cold syrup because am in care,so have to wait to tomorow to go to the doctors to ask for his permission,what a fucking joke.

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