Friday, 7 February 2014

working for the NHS

most people see those of us on the severe or profound spectrums as being non functional and unable to contribute to society in any form,even more people think we cant have jobs and if we do we are simply not autistic.

well am proud to say am a member of staff for the NHS,working as an interviewer for both trafford and CWP learning disability teams.
had been working as an interviewer for the NHS since last year, for CWP and greenways learning disability A&T hospital.

its not a regular job but its a paid which is more than what most high functioning autists have-and theyre also the most accessible and understanding people have ever known [it probably helps have known them for a decade],have met many kind fellow LD friends through working for the team as well as getting to pester and mock the hell out of the social workers [past and present ones of mine],the community support workers and the specialists who are all on the same floor for the learning disability team.

this is a photo of self hard at work,on a break,use this photo for a PECS symbol;

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