Tuesday, 4 March 2014

fiction/fake tv and the neurologicaly typical

this is one thing perhaps someone reading this blog coud explain better.

why is it NTs get so involved in TV programmes and act like they are real?
this is a real life example from just now,was watching the gory film; saw II on dvd in the lounge room with two support staff of mine just before and one of them;who is a hippy [she wont mind em saying this], went mental over it saying how sick it was and covering her eyes and mouth with some awful hippy book she was reading-she asked;how can anyone watch this and both of them are totaly against gory stuff,films with murders/pyschopaths etc in them.

another example;several years back mum and sister were watching a silly tv soap programme called emmerdale and one of the characters was pretending to be killed in it.
cue the pair spilling buckets of tears out their eyes,mum was sat there crying like crazy all over the orange she was peeling,was sat there laughing and in amazement at how people can believe something like this is real.

so how can people of a neurologicaly typical nature THINK tv shows are real and the people in them are really being tortured or dying,and think anyone who enjoys watching a gory movie [think battle royale for example] is sick?

personaly have a bit of a weird relationship with blood;its a interest of mine for sensory reasons have always smeared it on self and the wall for the feel of it and to communicate; in the same way many autistics on the same level as self smear shit,obviously the blood has always been mine,itd be a bit sick if it was someone elses.

am able to recognise films arent real and tv programmes arent real,watching these films/tv programmes am left profoundly confused why there are actors pretending to be someone they are not,am to rigid and literal in thinking to follow what theyre actualy about so only watch them for other purposes such as sensory seeking,this is why am a fan of gory films-YES even cheesy ones like battle royale.
will admit it-love blood,woud be donating it to get to see the stuff; but am on so many medications am not allowed to donate.

it isnt all NTs that do this thankfuly,as some old support staff of mine were NT and were exactly of the same belief about how people fall for fiction.
but please for the love of god people,stop acting like eastenders,hollyoaks,corrination street and any other bollocks on tv is real-it isnt,its a bunch of overpaid actors.

thanks and goodnight.

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