Friday, 21 March 2014

the consequences of poor restraining

am suffering badly from severe back pain ever since the rough restraining from the police last september and held in that position for twenty hours in hospital whilst fighting against it and the hand cuffs and leg cuffs.
plus also the daily restraining had suffered at greenways,where was thrown the floor,pinned down,sat on top of,had knees pushed into rib cage so coudnt breathe properly and had injured arm twisted behind back in a pressure point hold.
however do not personaly hold them responsible they were just doing their job,its the consultant who completely removed the painkillers of mine without any knowledge of personal circumstances and disabilities-without any gradual step down,he just removed them completely-a coworker of theirs who was willing to speak out against him said they shoud never have done it,this is what has fucked life up so much since then.

its severe pain which shoots up spine constantly,and have got strong tingling 'pins and needles' running up and down legs,plus the worst pain is in lower part of spine.
am unable to feel legs at all,and was at a GP appointment the other day about back when was laid down on the bed and told to close eyes and show her when was able to feel what she was using.
she was using a cotton wool pad thing,and a scratchy needle instrument.
was unable to feel either of them.
she said the area affected is the L1-L5 region of the spine,and that nerves in that area have been damaged by the restraining causing the effects of being unable to feel legs anymore,falling over them, the pins and needles and the shooting pains.
was booked in for an MRI scan there and then by the doctor on online, and the LD team are going to be sorting out sedation with the docs.

meanwhile,have not been given any painkillers to help deal with back pain, am on naproxen [a strong form of ibuprofren] for a severe mouth infection and teeth problems but that doesnt help with the back problem at all and am in fucking agony every day,it has affected mental health greatly and have even been suicidal because of it.

am going to be taking legal action against the consultant who removed the opiate based painkillers as it shoud have never been removed without a gradual step down-they shoudnt have even been removed as am in severe pain every day and had been entire life due to the acute headaches from sensory and information overload-however had only been on codeine for four years,but they ignored this part and blamed it on being addicted to codeine,they also said autism cant cause headaches,felt like smacking them one,they honestly havent got a clue what it feels like.
his actions have caused the loss of a residential home placement,severe mental illness and was part of why was sectioned for four months,acute ongoing mental and physical problems for self and am not going to ever learn to move on until have got justice and closure on this.

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