Tuesday, 26 August 2014

an open letter to companies; RE two to one support

dear companies,
please!! consider looking at the way support staff are accomodated when those of us with two to one support [or three to one in some cases] pay our money to access the companies services,we are being left out of accessing many services because of ancient company regulations that do not recognise our needs.

those of us with severe disabilities are already on very little money as we have to pay all of ours towards care,mobility and disability needs,we dont get extra money to spend on paying for two support staff to come with us into services like the cinema or an aquarium for example.

we have two support staff because we have high behavioral/support needs,its a NEED not a luxury, the second support staff isnt just coming along for a free ride,theyre there to work with us and keep us safe while accessing the community.
so why is it companies have great trouble recognising that disabled people often have more than one support staff?

yesterday,had gone to the cheshire game and country show in knutsford,cheshire and they said they woud accept one support staff in free but not two,if it hadnt been for dad being with us who was a paying customer woud not have been able to go in as needed to be supported by two people in there.

why cant service users with two support staff have their support staff show their work identity badges to show they are working or require a service user registration system so that we are flagged up on the system as needing two staff? knowsley safari park has a similar sort of system in place for those of us who have a lot of support staff so why cant other companies put something into place? we are paying customers after all and it isnt fair we are being isolated out of society.


Em said...

Luckily, I only need one carer when I'm going out and about. It must be awful but if they allowed it... Some awful low life would take advantage of the opportunity to have two people come with them for free.

Em said...

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Em said...

How is there no such thing as autism or Aspergers? How about you come to my home for a day and see me, my behaviours, how I communicate (through speech and PECs) and my daily struggles; THEN can you tell me if I'm autistic or not. The writer of this blog is serverly autistic, look at her photos, the videos, the fact she's in a residential care home... Do you really think autism and Aspergers isn't real? You're an asshole.

I hope Em doesn't see your comment because I don't think she'd be very happy with you telling her she's 'faking'/hasn't got autism.

Em said...

hi shannon,thanks for defending hadnt even noticed the posts as have not been well,however look at his name-cock, no doubt because he showed himself up to be one of those by not even checking what he was posting to before posting his pro scientology BS copypasta on here. unless it offends anyone am not going to delete his post because he has made himself look like a right dick.

Em said...

Well I don't like it when people say that autism is fake or when they think we need a cure... Pisses me off and I'm sure it pisses you off too. I always make sure to respond and give them a good shouting at!

And I agree with you, he has made himself look like a right dick.

Em said...

agreed! scientologists truly believe this shit and that makes it incredibly scary. in the support company that used to live under,they had a service user in their supported living part of it and he was a aspie scientologist with forensic and mental illness, he didnt believe his aspergers existed either and everytime he got out of the pysch ward his mum [very high up in scientology] woud encourage him to come off his meds so he slowly became unstable again,same pattern always went on and on and on. its so damn obvious that pyschology is real, how delusional do people have to be to see that? and when will they stop recognising neurological disabilities as mental illness? am surprised scientology hasnt been put in the DSM or ICD yet.