Saturday, 16 August 2014

visit to knowsley safari park again; wild animal photos!

went to knowsley safari park near liverpool again today;am owner of a annual membership card there and can go as many times as want.

borrowed the iphone of one off the staff because tablet wasnt charged.
the baboons tore away at the car which was funny but staff were banging on the window telling them to get off,also telling them am going to end up paying for their damage when am trying to save up for a top of the range wheelchair,pretty funny as doubt the babboons understood that rant or cared about a wheelchair

anyway,heres the photos;
 a baboon with his?/her? nips out.

 camels sheltering from the heat,their bretheren and sisteren from afar woud laugh at them for finding english weather hard.

 some kind of deer? both enjoying basking in the sun.

 a mighty lion heading over to hump one of his mistresses, unfortunately spoiled by the reflection of a pets at home magazine on the dashboard.

 some type of deer again,beautiful spots.

 baby riding baboon,he is able to walk but kept diving on mamma.

 a toddler baboon who has obviously grown to big to ride daddy,but he didnt give up without a fight.

 tiny baboon baby,the support staff was pointing at the streak of baboon piss down the window.

 baboons just chillin, support staff in passenger seat kept trying to touch the paw through the glass even though it isnt ever going to happen, them bolton folk are strange.

 how cute is this little baby?

 we thought this baboon had been run over by one of the nobhead drivers who were busy speeding along,we banged on the window to try and get its attention,fortunately it got pissed off by the noise enough to look up slightly,huff at us and put his head back down again.

 we got mooned by a baboon while he was trying to rip off the rear wind screen wiper.
they managed to break plastic off the car and ran off with it as one of many trophies to put in their collection but got nothing else thankfuly.

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