Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Another month,another update

Have had a big delay with the motability car,shoud have got it before the end of last month but the citroen garage phoned staff to say they have had to suspend it for now,as they had found out that the high rate mobility had been suspended-they were not able to find out why though.

After a big mess around given by the benefits people [due to needing people to speak on behalf and having a new appointee] they finally
said what was going on.
They said because had moved addresses and not told them they had to suspend it,the previous place had not told them of the new place so
have ended up in another hold up yet again,wasnt surprised actually when was told the motability contract was cancelled as so used to messups with it by now.

The HRM was quickly put back as soon as they stopped messing around and allowed appointee to sort this out on behalf ,and will be getting the car in less than two weeks,but-the benefits people have now said shoud not have been getting the care component of DLA because am in a residential centre ,so they are now taking back whatever money has been building up,though they are putting back all the HRM since the suspension.

Another problem that has happened recently,Lottie-

Has had some sort of injury/accident,to her back leg.
Lottie was spotted limping around the farm unable to put any weight on the leg,and the farm staff had noticed a little cut between her toes so they think it might be an infection.
Its took a while to catch her as she went to lay it off,but she was finally locked in by the farm staff,and am going to the vets with her today and hope to get it sorted.

Have been giving her more hugs,and rubs than normal if that is even possible, so she is liking the extra attention but she hates being locked in again as she is so used to roaming the farm being a mouser.
Please wish her healing luck if anyone sees this!

And she has also lost her collar and the little pink heart that had her name and contact details engraved [not hers as she only speaks cattish obviously] -so need to get her a good new collar [no shit pets at home collar for madam] and another engraved thingy from the engraving machine at pets at home.

Lottie was taken to the vets today,and they said she has burnt the pads on her paw,and infection so she has a weeks supply of synulox and was given an injection of something [dont know what as its a staff that goes in with her],probably the synulox.
When got back to her house,she got out of the cage and was actually putting weight on her foot so the injection has done some good, she was also very hungry so she had a bowl of lamb Iams food [wet],and tablet was crumbled into it.
Going to leave letting her out to the guys on the farm,as didnt think it was right just yet.

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