Wednesday, 27 October 2010


am still at mums till sunday,but aunty/uncle and cousins went back early this morning,its been a nice experience.
some people have family over all the time and whinge about them,mum does that but no one listens to her thankfully.

we all went to blackpool on sunday afternoon,sister and her boyfriend came along to.
we were at the complete opposite end to where all the rides and stuff are,it was so busy there werent any disabled parking spots free at all anywhere [something which became a larger issue later on].

we had walked all the way along the beach,then all those greedy bastards wanted to stop and stuff themselves,so was sitting on the beach,with sister and dad whilst the rest went and ordered stuff [sorry the family arent really greedy bastards theyre just the opposite of self with food].

took this as a chance to get some photos of the beach before it got to dark,unfortunately the camcorder has no flash so didnt to many good ones but will stick up some super awesome ones that uncle took with his new d-SLR camera-might take him a few years to organise it and work out how to copy and paste to his computer,seriously tempted to get a digi SLR now.

as soon as it got dark,and the infamous 'blackpool lights' came on,it was a very different scene to how it had just been,was suddenly left coping with booming music and PA systems going off from all the bingo halls/arcades,stalls and shops,the lights were flashing at the pace of strobe lighting-but was determined to buy something from blackpool as always have done,had fancied an airgun but dad was having none of it.
was also trying to buy a stick of rock for each staff [which unfortunately didnt manage to do so because of the music].

was getting quite agressive from the overload and attacking out so was physically restrained on both arms by sister and dad,the thing that ended up buying in the end was a cat tshirt,
but had paid a heavy price in having routine-being forced into a never ending squealing moshpit of kids with more flashing lights than an illegal rave-a tonic clonic seizure.

the car was parked very far away,and the only drivers in our group had all buggered off with the kids to the pleasure beach [where the rides are] so was left to be dragged back to the car by sister and dad.
still...being a stubborn git with routine has it good points,got some awesome blackpool donuts out of it as well as the kitty tshirt,and got to laugh at everyone else who came along to who did not stop moaning-they all brought just a jumper,no gloves or anything,had personally come prepared with the deep pressure vest,a coat,a heavy hoody,a hat and gloves-what pillock woud go to a UK beach and think itll be warm with the winter wind blowing on the sea.

its been great having aunty,uncle and cousins over-theyre planning to come over for the birth of tiddles next year [what have called sisters unborn baby,due march-though she isnt liking the name somehow],looking forward to it already.

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