Wednesday, 10 November 2010

the adventures of lottie

its not often that get to visit lottie at the farm,thanks to the current fund cutting scumbaggery of the council which am having to go through at the moment,but today had been able to go visit the madam and she must have thought it was christmas when she saw some boxes of her favourite kitteh food-whiskers being taken out,she doesnt usually put all the effort in coming over to greet us:
here she is lining up for a big jump,as she is a food lover and cant wait for the door to be fully open.

this is often the end we usually see anyway,when she shoves it in our faces:

a post dinner/pre barf hug for lottie,dont get many pictures of her with self at all [apart from one],and she doesnt like doing front hugs like this usualy,shes more of a bear hug cat,like self.
we filled her water dish up,and left her to rest her overworked belly, have found out she has another boyfriend on the go now,and dont even know his name-hes one of the semi ferrals,looks like her other boyfriend kai.
he comes in and steals her food from under her nose and she lets him.
all in a days work for lottie.

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