Wednesday, 16 February 2011

say hello to tiddles

-the above is the earliest scan of tiddles,aka sisters baby girl,she hasnt gave her a name yet but she mentioned she is thinking of calling her 'orla',urgh yuck,poor girl,shes utter shit at naming.
if remember correctly,she is due the day after st patricks day next month,itll be funny if she is born on st patricks day as all our parents and the rest of family are irish.

providing she is not a screaming little brat [more at home on supernanny],have got big plans for her,hope to get her into horse riding so she gets the chances to do it from very early on if sister can afford it,will be spoiling her to.
sister is going to get her addicted to cats,she will have to as she has several of them with special needs [sandy,who is diagnosed with FHS- ,the best way to describe it in her case woud be a early trauma triggered personality disorder as she was severely abused and neglected by her previous owner,getting beaten and kicked out everytime she got pregnant but sister rescued her during one of her pregnancies, and then there is ruby-the runt kitten of sandys litter,very undersized,had to be syringe fed specialist cat milk by sister when she was born because of her size and no one wanted her because she was extremely shy of people as sandy warned her off us all the time,but now she is a sociable kitteh].

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