Friday, 15 April 2011

kitteh photos

getting into furrtography more and more lately though have been doing it for years, knackered a good cybershot a few years ago so have used either the panasonic d-camcorder [shitty photos good video] and the laptop camera [shitty photos] to take them.
the fact that its all cats shoud make that ok.

here is thomas/tom tom in dreamy land,dreaming about jumping on other cats, pissing everywhere and eating probably [like in real life].

had to put one of sandy in otherwise she woud be left out.
sandy is sisters kitteh,the one diagnosed with FHS,feline hyperthesia syndrome or something like that-its a weird cross between personality disorder and epilepsy,its not had a lot of research yet,but its come from her history of abuse and neglect from previous owner, the photo had took is the closest had ever got to her without her growling and attacking herself.
she loves sis and the bro in law though.

this is sandys now grown up/yr old kitten,she is called ruby though goes by many names.
again,as sis had found them abandoned after they had been born,sandy had already passed some behavioral problems to ruby and we all struggled to even get anywhere near her she was extremely shy sandy coud just growl to make ruby run for cover.
now days ruby thinks for herself and is a very loving cat once we have been there for part of the day,she has a side ways walk like a crab and bangs her head into our hands to greet us, so had called her mr krabs like from spongebob.

here she is in the just getting used to us mode,we arent down there a lot so they have to learn to trust us each time.thought she looked very funny with her little head peering over the mattress.

took this last sunday,biscuit has the hissy face a lot though she was just yawning in this one,
we were both on a hacking site and poor biscuit coudnt keep up.

thought this was very funny on its side so just flipped the photo,its biscuit checking out dads new green house,she loves it for the heat in there and so she can watch other cats go past without being jumped on.

biccie with tongue out.

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