Sunday, 4 September 2011

kitties and padded helmets-actualy not a good mix

last week had not had the padded helmet on whilst at mums though usualy do if head is ok-had been banging so there was some scarring and bad skull pressure at that time plus the long thick hair made it unbelievably itchy so was not able to wear it anyway [it was all shaved off on friday so it now feels great].
but,unfortunately for self [and the helmet] our little innocent tabby puss,goldie had pissed on it and a load of other stuff which were all lying together-had been using dads pc and she did all of this behind back without even noticing it.

the only explanation we had is it must be part of the kidney problems she is having as she never pisses outside her trays or gardens,it wasnt like spraying it was real bladder emptying ontop of rucksack which got onto everything.

luckily,everything has been washed,and the helmet has dried finaly,it smells very nice indeed.
was not bothered about our madams accident just hope it is not a sign of the kidney problems getting worse as its diet controlled at the moment [if it can be called controlled,well it cant]  but it will be hard giving her meds as she is ex ferral and even doing the ole towel restraint and throat rub with a buttered up tablet trick will end up with the human doing it losing their limbs plus she thinks are making a joke of her inteligence when tablets are crumbled up in her food.

heres some photos of both the scallywags from today [sunday] as we have had sunny hot weather so they were both out sunning themselves and biscuit was doing her favourite hobbies of looking out for mice and hedgehogs.