Sunday, 11 September 2011

some new photos

took them this week...

 this cute spider was in dads green house,thats its unborn babies in the black thing acording to what had read online,thought it was eating it at first but no.

 this is ruby-sisters kitteh who has been staying here again since...some day during the week, as sister is buggering off to another wedding with the brother in law.
dad has been away putting up a green house for his brother as he is fucking useless at that stuff [and they have supposedly smashed some glass already] but anyway sister didnt trust mum with ruby and sandy so had offered to make the holiday a bit longer to this coming tuesday to pamper the girls,sandy doesnt give a shit as usual but ruby has been loving the attention.

 this is the bag that had took clothes down in from home,its one of those last forever [but not really last forever] bags,from pets at home.
had thought it was quite funny when goldie got in it,she must have read the name and thought it was a home for her.

a lot of people including vets dont like touching or stroking goldie because of her ferral and unpredictible past,just look at how the little madam is now though-attached to knees,looking up everytime have stopped stroking her,dribbling when stroked,purring.
she loves srs attention.