Sunday, 4 September 2011

om nom nom nom

was being eaten by the niece today [sunday].

she came to visit with her ma and pa and was in a unusualy good mood despite her first tooth having come through.

like a vampire she pretended she wanted a hug or whatever but it was actualy to nom some flesh,she tried anything her little mouth coud get around,sister took loads of pics-

^she loves dancing and being supported to 'walk' across the floor and she kept trying to nom everything as seen in those photos,even the fringy bits did not escape nor the camera.

-shoud also say,orla seems to be keen on horse riding already which is a very good sign.
had got down on hands and knees for her on the floor and dad held orla on back like she was riding a horse,she did changing the diaganals and all that flatwork stuff,impressive rider-am definitely taking her for real rides as soon as she is allowed heheheheheheh.hope her ma doesnt see this...well she knows what think on this.