Monday, 31 October 2011

hangin out with a lost friend

have been friends with a chav for a while,she did have a nice side but she was somewhat pyschopathic and has a habit of just abandoning her kids, have been wondering for a while where she has gotten to.
she was always friendly,always came out to greet us before going back to bed whilst the kids were up to no good outside.

well anyway,we found out where she had got to today,thanks to the detective work of dad.
here is location:
she was found directly on the underside of the platform where biscuits fluffy fanny is positioned.

dad said she is hibernating.have posted photos of her on the blog before,heres a photo of her from today:

 she did always come out to greet us but she was a total pyschopath with ladybirds and flies-she tortured them.