Tuesday, 6 December 2011


went to robinsons equestrian superstore yesterday-its called super because its super awesome.
the staff who work there did everything they coud to make the visit went ok,have never known a shop staff to be as disability supporting and as caring about the things they are selling,other places woud only do it for people who have a lot of money with them.
had brought the robinsons voucher that sister gave for birthday-a year ago now as had not been allowed to go.
 The voucher card [now missing its voucher]

wanted to get something from the baby joules range for orla,but they had no baby stuff which was unfair as there are plenty of horsey people who want to start their kids or someone elses kids young on the horsey stuff.

in the end,had managed to buy these:
a pair of the softest high leg socks available- made by joules of course.

there is more than one pair in this pack,another pair,they are high ones which are padded on the foot- they are made by requisite which is robinsons own brand

and the final thing-a pony teddy for orla,the only thing coud find the most suitable for her- well the only thing coud afford anyway,they had some very nice rocking horses and these sit on the horse teddy things but was told they cost so much above what the voucher was worth.

am thinking of seeing if sister wants a pair of those socks as a present,as am completely moneyless due to only being able to recieve income support and the high rate mobility in residential [dont even get to know about the HRM as it goes straight to motability/citroen].
she will be getting fed up with not getting anything every year when she buys em a lot- apparently have got a sharky and george tshirt off her this year and other stuff to.
 -had checked the site out that she got it off-it sells loads of clothing based on oldskool stuff- wish she had said she was ordering one as woud have picked a different cartoon probably but sharky and george was awesome.
totaly want the teenage mutant hero turtles half shell back pack-classic or what,she wont pay for that though.