Saturday, 17 December 2011

new cat....sorta

this is at mums/dads,not mine-so only get to see him?her? every weekend,going to use 'he' for describing as cannot be bothered righting both all the time.
he has been nicknamed boomer because of his booming voice.

the poor kitteh is a stray,he has a very old bad condition flea collar on,he has a patch of furr missing on his back next to his tail-which is where fleas usualy meet up,he has lots of other missing patches and he itches-  clearly flea bitten,its not a flea allergy though,we have had several kittehs with that.

he is just like lottie in behavior reminds so much of her,he is very vocal and will chat! had slowly gotten him used to self,and today after being taken here today; he visited.
he wants to curl up on knees,he wants to come into the warm,dad has made him a house inside his greenhouse with a comfy bed so he can stay warm.
dad has used a frontline dropper on him to help remove the fleas.

its obvious he isnt a homed cat-but has been,he has either been neglected/abandoned or an innocent family/person has lost him for some reason,dad said he is a senior cat about ten years old-he acts in good health though may be a bit deaf as his meow is very very loud-will try and record it tomorow and stick it on here.

 he is chatting with em in this picture,not growling or hissing.