Sunday, 25 December 2011

merry catmas

due to having no money at all,was unable to buy anyone presents but yesterday had ended up making something special with dad for the kittehs,a catmas cake.

ingredients were-
#tin of cooked mackerel,all that watery stuff was drained and wiped and mashed.
#oxo cube
#tiny bits of premium quality streaky unsalted bacon.
#little bit of whiskers kitteh milk
#some sort of cheese

dad threw it in the oven saying in his hardcore tipperary accent, "fuck sake me handsll stink o fish forever".

had done the mixing of it which was made a lot easier by using the milk.

the catmas cake looked like something the cats had shat out,that will be because of the oxo cube but the cats didnt mind one bit they have all been scoffing it today,heres some photos of the cake and kittehs getting their piece.
-the squashed cat turd cake

-boomer,the stray cat who was rightly predicted by everyone to be living in the house by this weekend,
he loves this cake the most,he especialy has a thing for the cheese.

-biscuit heading straight for the cheese before the cake was cut.

-goldie nomming her piece.

sisters kittehs upstairs-ruby and sandy [photo taken at their own house]:
they never got any cake because dad threw the last of it out whingeing about the fishy smell.
the idiot himself sits there scoffing it and doesnt whinge about the smell then,poor cats.