Saturday, 20 October 2012

special olympics

some years ago had looked into joining the special olympics hoping to get into a special olympics club which offers equestrianism.
this was at a time long before had gotten the motability car and was limited to manchester as it is where used to live.
unfortunatelty there werre no clubs in manchester then let alone ones which offered equestrianism which is a big favourite of mine as anyone who am known by or who knows this blog will know. :P

had recently joined a subscription only website which is purely for people with learning/intelectual disability  [or the carers/support staff etc of] and so many users were going to their local SO club,it brought back the interest again so had found several in cheshire-one does horse riding and the other does loads of stuff but not horse riding.
the horse riding one is on holiday at the moment but theyre getting back in contact with manager,am going to be going with several other people from here to.
hope to do a lot of sports woud love to go to the other cheshire club as well will have to see if we can do that.